Gathering Bots and Amazon's inability to manage this

The bots in this game are getting out of control. There are literally hundreds of people reporting this bots every hour. I have reported no less than 40 bots today out there gathering all the motes that are of value. Yet, day after day these same bots continue to farm everything, which is jacking the economy making it incredibly difficult to farm the motes we need.

At what point will Amazon do their job and start banning these folks. How much work is required to determine a bot with the name of 1234abcBot#1 being followed by 4321abcBot#2 are actually, you know, bots…Honestly, games as old as Ultima Online had in game GMS that would port to these player, watch them play and instant ban if it was determined they were bots, which kept the bot impact at a minimum, yet, 20 years later, amazon seems to be clueless when it comes to handling bots in game.

It’s amazing how inept they are at handling the bot situation. Many folks do not have 8 hours a day to farm the motes needed to make whatever it is they are trying to make because the bots are sucking up all the resources. They are ruining the game and you do not seem to care one shred. With all the other issues you have had since day one, one would think something as basic as bots or in game GMS would be something you can handle. But, perhaps that is a difficult task to ask from such a small indie company like Amazon…


the funny thing is most of them are lvl60, this situation drives me crazy. I am reporting every one of them, and see them in the same spot whenever I play the game. how cant they ban them??? it is so obvious.

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The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry!

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Enough is enough. People went up in arms about the changes to watermark. We need to do the same thing for bots. AGS is about the release a new weapon and dungeon mutations without dealing with the bot problem. No one wants to wait until February until they maybe fix the bot problem. This is the number one issue in the game right now. Don’t let any of these threads die. We need to be vocal that something needs to change about the bots, yesterday


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