Gathering / crafting in endgame proposals

After reaching lvl 60 and maxing crafting need for resources is very small. Which makes gathering resources very little value.
Same for crafting, once you get the gear you’re satisfied you won’t need any more resources. Of course there are other players you can sell crafted gear. But once they have it they’re out of market.

Few proposals on how it could be addressed:

  1. Change the way weapons are repaired. Instead of using gold to repair gear you should use resources, e.g. starmetal ingots, ironwood planks. So if you have tier 5 gear you’d have to use tier 5 resources to repair it. That would make gathering viable all the time as there would be constant need for the resources.
  2. Add a way to upgrade gear. So if you have a BIS sword you could get +1, +2, … version of it. Each tier would work as an item with higher gear score (+10, +20, etc.). To upgrade you’d need resources and a gear of previous tier. The higher the tier you want to upgrade the higher the chance of failure. E.g. to upgrade to +1 you have 60% chance of success, to upgrade to +2 you have 30% chance of success. If the upgrade fails the gear might be downgraded or even destroyed (with some small chance, e.g. 50% you get back your item, 40% downgrade, 10% item is destroyed). That way crafters would be viable also in the endgame.

not sure about your server, but on mine, the T4 and T5 resources are already in super high demand and the prices skyrocketed since server merge and since those resource nodes are limited.
People would never use orichalcum to repair the T5 weapons.

On my server prices also got up after the merge. But the merge happened around new patch that introduced timeless shards. So now people are actually crafting something. But a lot of people got their BIS gear already. So they’re not interested in crafting anymore and the prices are dropping every day. Right after merge ironwood was ~1 gold, right now it’s around 0.5 gold.
It depends also how much would you need. E.g. if you use 1 ori ingot to repair 20%, it’d be fair price.
Of course it’s just a proposal to make something to create organic demand. It might be the worst idea ever, it may turn out that it’s better than what we have now. IMO it’s worth considering.

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