Gathering equipment

Please, remove clothes with gathering luck stats. Its take a lot of time to change clothes every time you need to gather a particular resource. besides id like to always be in pvp mode, but if im in gathering clothes, it doesn’t make any sense. you could replace that clothes by some inventory trophies or if its impossible please make some dressing room to change clothes quickly and not spend a few minutes on it. TY and sorry for my english

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Why do you need minutes to change your clothes? You just need 5 double clicks…it takes… 10 seconds?!

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You do not have to wear them, but I somewhat agree they are unfun game design, you either switch gear which is super annoying or you do not and get less of the rare and valuable stuff.

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I don’t think they will destroy profession identity just because you’re lazy. But, if you whine long enough on multiple accounts, that might happen.

A better option would be to add an equipment manager/outfit saves. Put on your gathering luck gear. Save the outfit to an equipment manager slot. Then the next time you want to put it on, just click that button and automatically put on all those pieces.

They could even monetize this feature. Give all players 2 or 3 by default and let them buy more if they want. I’d be fine with that.


maybe because you have about 100 items in your inventory(storage) for various trade skills(gathering, refinerig, crafting)? and you cannot search by perk name, just item name. Every time items mixed and you must to search needed item manually

Smart people knows, that lazy people don’t play games like this, where you must gather a lots of items and spent hundreds hours for your progress. But you can continue to think that you re clever enough to write comments like that
I believe that you are not lazy, produce fire by friction and using hand wash for all your closes. But try to automate the routine to save time for something more interesting. You may like it.

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