Gathering Icons (Tracking)

Hello there!

I think I mentioned in the alpha if it were possible to enable players to hide/show the different resources they’d want to see on their compass. Was just thinking during the later levels of gathering the compass bar would get really cluttered.

Was this addressed already? Kindly excuse me if I missed the function somewhere; it’s been a while since I’ve been on New World :smile:

While I’m unsure if this issue has been addressed, I’m more than happy to report your thoughts regarding being able to hide certain icons to our team. If they haven’t already looked into it, the report will make them aware that it’s still something you’d like to see.

Hello! Woah, thank you for the quick reply! Yes please, that would be amazing, thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was wondering if there was a way to turn off what you didn’t care about. Another thing would be to add a clock just underneath the compass with an option to adjust for local time.

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I was thinking maybe under this window, we could toggle on / off by clicking on the area I circled in red.

Also, on the same line with tracking, could we get a height indicator on the compass to show if the thing we are tracking is above or below our elevation. For example, if the ore is on the cliff top or in a cave, so we know if we need to change path to get up the cliff before hitting the cliff-face.