Gathering Luck and Global Luck % Confusion - Seeking Clarification

I’m looking for some clarification between the Gathering Luck, Global Luck, and Luck with how it is translated into bonus luck.

Back on November 21st 2021, @Luxendra posted: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 in which it states:

For instance, let’s the roll range on regular tree is 100,000 (because it is!), but somewhere above that range, say 105,000, is a chance to get a fish (trees don’t drop fish, this is just an example). When you chop down that tree with unmodified luck, you have a 0% chance to get a fish. But if your luck was modified by say, 10,000, your roll range increases from 0-100,000 to 10,000-110,000, which gives you a (roughly) 5% chance to get that fish when you chop down the tree.

So, based upon that statement, I thought it would be safe to assume, that Gathering Luck would be 1% = 1000 Gathering Luck.
Except, in the latest [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ it states:

Luck in New World is a complex system that is not as simple as a 0-100% percent of getting a specific item. We don’t use percentages in our data notation; instead, we use integer-based roll ranges to apply probability weights to the chances of a specific thing dropping. Those integers are converted to percentages when communicating in-game luck benefits from items. For example, 1% equals 100 bonus luck to a roll.

Which states 1% = 100 bonus luck.

The part I am confused about then is, if I have a 600 GS Harvester Hat with 5% Harvesting Luck. What exactly do I have? Because in the first example provided it would mean I have 5000 Gathering Luck (Dedicated to Harvesting only), but with the second example I would have 500 Gathering Luck (Dedicated to Harvesting only).

Additionally; lets use “Spicy Steak Pie” which provides the player with 2000 Harvesting Luck as it states in the item description. Why doesn’t this just state 20% Harvesting luck if it’s based upon the 100 bonus, or 2% if its 1000 bonus? I’ve found it odd that this has never been updated on the English clients of the game. (For those who don’t know, non-English clients just state a “small increase” or “moderate increase” to luck for food items.)

Am I missing something here?

Side note; there are plenty of places that have stated 1% = 100 already. Another example from a website that is now archived

At the end of the day, 1% of 100k is 1,000, so I am having a hard time converting 1% to 100 from 100k.


They honestly don’t know.

The word salads they type up just contradict themselves and further exacerbate the underlying issue. Luck doesn’t work.

Gathering luck does work but who actually cares about that tbh.

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1% = 100 in the game, unless I am confused. I cannot explain why there is a factor of 10 difference in the percent shown and the adjustment to the roll range. I would like to know as well.

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I don’t plan to let this thread die unless it does get answered. <3

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Luck has already been answered in other threads with Moderators double checking with Devs

I haven’t found the answer to my question in other luck posts with developer comments and answers.

I’m starting to wonder if 1; its a bug? Or 2; maybe and oversight?

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Could you provide a link?

For this event, I’m convinced luck has nothing to do with it. I think it’s just random. Some people got the chest just killing 10-30 rabbits. I just hope the Dev increase the chances for those who didn’t get one during the end of the duration.

The general consensus seems to be that the percentages expressed are marketing terms. No one is going to equip a piece of gear that says it provides a 0.28% chance of increasing loot luck. Same thing if loot luck trophies said 0.15% for a major trophy.

No idea why they insist on using the percentages, anyway. Since they specifically state they don’t actually use percentages in their data notation, they should just express the integer values. Because the percentages stated are just plainly lies (by a factor of 10). Tell us that gear gives us +280, the same way food buffs work. And PvP flagging is +1000 for Loot Luck and +3000 for gathering. That way we can make an accurate determination if we want to run the luck or not.


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