Gathering luck trophy- no valuable


Today I might have done my biggest misstake, I buyed 3x mining gathering and 3x lumber gathering luck trophies.

And have full miner and lumberjack armor set:

I was out in the world gathering ironwood and mining orichalcum ore for 1 hour.
In all that time I dident get a single drop of ironwood sap…x17 Barbvine and x12 Cinnabar.
(this is not alot in gathering terms)

The Barbvine and cinnabar I get tons of from making buy orders on ironwood, orichalcum etc in tp and rework it into ingots in the forge, with the aptitude crates reward.

Go out and gathering for the “rare drops” seem almost pointless and I cant say that it feels like I get more rare drops with more luck trophies, then it did before I bought them.

Devs can you please make gathering luck trophies more valuable, to increase the luck %.
Make gem drops more often on mining orichalcum nodes, as now I can mine x12 nodes and get no single purple gem and that is with the x3 gathering mining luck trophies.

Did you also have an Amulet with Adored Mining/Logging luck (nearly 10%) ?

Did you also have the respective food buffs for Mining and Logging (+2000 luck each, respectively)?




No I dident, dare ask if they do any change into the rare drops?

They 100% will affect your luck by nearly 3000 points of luck.

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Ok I try that, I hope the luck feels more when I got them and the food. Thanks for the answer.

I edited my original post to give you the names of the foods as well. Hope that helps you in your logging and mining journeys in Aeternum! Best of luck to you!


And adding to that.

Have a 150 lvl music bard play you a song, with the buff of Luck’s Labor
Tip them (its 10 gold always-press T) when they are done to get the buff.

Lucks Labor - gives 3% to 10% gathering luck buff-increases luck when gathering
Buff % depends on how well they play the song
Lasts an hour,stacks with food, trophies etc.

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