Gathering on a top 5 population server

Anyone who is on a 2k capped server knows exactly what I’m talking about.
The current system is a circus when it comes to gathering high demand nodes… especially Orichalcum.

5-10 people all fighting for the same nodes…even at 3am.

The mini game of pulling mobs to push people off the node. The game of dodge+1hit procs.
The botters.

One of the main reasons I think certain zones should be force flagged is stuff like this. It doesn’t solve people of the same faction doing it- but something should be put in to deal with this clown fiesta.

I would rather have a Zerg faction control all the nodes in a zone via pvp than… Whatever this is.

This? This is a shit of a show bro, g2g gold sellers farm 24/7 with or without bots i mean shit bro 1k gold is 4$

this wouldn’t be a problem in a server where you can’t toggle PvP.

Hey man, if it’s your territory, do whatever you want. But places like SM are supposed to be a hellhole and should be mandatory flagged.

Lol… Maybe that is another solution, governing guild decides how “friendly” the territory is.

Or they could just implement pool based vein spawning like how it works in other decent games, so you could not just afk farm on a single location…

Even worse, there has been a bot in the exact same place for 2 days now, reported it 4 times now, guess what, its still there. I get that New World staff has a lot going on trying to fix all the broken stuff they should have fixed 6 moths ago when we told it was broken, but still, how many times do you have report a bot for it to be addressed?

But hey, you can report a player for saying a bad word in chat and they banned in seconds, LMAO

I agree that static nodes are part of the problem.

i think it was designed for players to control a predetermined area where resources are.

But anyone can unflag and get it, so the original design doesn’t really work anymore.

If they’re gonna scrap open world pvp, they should just make the resources spawn randomly.

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