Gathering rescources in another factions territory should auto flag

Oh ya, they can just abandon their company and faction progression and just switch factions. Great idea. Thank goodness you’re not a game designer.

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They should just add a “nullsec” area to the map. Tons of resources etc and compulsory PvP on.

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But I’d argue it was more the learning curve than the playerbase that kills player retention.

Ain’t easy to fire up and get right into PvP (or much of anything rly) there without a lot of handholding from an experienced player.

Youll always have an excuse. Flip this around. If the game already balanced factions this way, and I were arguing to have it how it is now, you would be the person saying “oh yeah and we can just have unbalanced factions that ruin the game for everyone. Glad youre not a game designer.”

Its pretty clear your a troll who is here to just be confrontational with anyone and everyone. Incapable of creative thinking and just looking for conflict. Nice baiting though.

Oh my god, not this again. I can’t repeat this enough probably - but NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO PvP - PvEers are not your content - if PvEer is collecting his ore/hemp/skins - just deal with it, they shouldn’t be flagged if they don’t want to participate in PvP.

Why people on this forum are looking for more ways to force people to PvP? If it is so awesome and interesting - people will flag themselves, if people see no fun in PvP and it’s all about griefing and zerging - maybe PvPers should change the way they behave first.

Also PvPers deserve no advantage for their selected play-style - you don’t get additional drop, additional gold, additional anything for flagging - enjoy already you +10% exp and ability to fight other flagged people - because that is what you WANT to do in the game


I love the flag option. Because this is not a PVP based games. Do I stay flagged at all times absolutely :100: . Do I go into lvl 10 zones and hunt like most losers no. I stay in great cleave and Edengrove in those areas. Those areas should be perm flag theu are end game and you need to be ready and willing to pay for those high tier gear and resources. The rest of the game should be all choice.

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Great Idea it would force people to join bigger guilds and play together to fight each other for contested resources. I think this would be really solid but probably leave the starting zones out of it so new players don’t have the game ruined for them though.

Your way of seeing pvp is completely flawed, “PvPers” dont have an advantage for getting 10% extra exp, it’s an incentive to put yourself at risk. It’s more about balancing the difference between a player that never PvPs on and of course for their pvp system to make sense.

A player that is PvE only always is gonna get further than a player that is PvP only even with that 10% exp same would be in any other category for any “advantage” pvp players would get.

The thing is that you dont see yet is the current system rewards you for doing quests and farming stuff for exp in PvP mode, but when players get to 60 they dont need to have pvp on cause no benefits so that’s already an issue right there cause the system becomes semi useless.

Second issue is those players that choose to have PvP on as level 60 that go through lower level areas are gonna face players that are new and leveling and the game rewards you for killing any kind of player. You see the issue yet?

If the game rewarded you for having PvP on while gathering or any lifeskill activity, there would be players from your faction protecting those lower level players from the max level people cause there would be an incentive for 60 level people to flag.

In the current state the incentive for level 60 people to flag is to capture a fort or gang low levels WHICH rewards you. Either take away the rewards for killing a lot lower level players or give an incentive for max level players to turn their pvp mode on.

Rewarding a pvp player for gathering with pvp mode on, is basic game mechanic in loads of games pvp or not. Putting yourself at risk and getting benefits out of it.

PvE players would lose absolutely nothing, if anything they would benefit from PvP players fighting each other over life skills since they arent wasting their time.

Good concept, I’d apply it in perhaps another field.

This will inevitably make some PvE players estranged to this game.

We could perhaps form separate PvP focused servers, which we could call ‘PvP servers’. There entering another factions territory would flag you, etc. :no_mouth:

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This would straight up make me quit the game.

  • I don’t want to come back from a toilet break or feeding my cat to find myself dead. I don’t want to be punished for doing small afk trips for perfectly normal real life stuff.

  • I don’t want other players to dictate what I do in solo content. Forced pvp while gathering in a zone controlled by an opposing faction would be exactly that.

  • I don’t want to get ganked by those who specifically target people they know cannot win. Anyone who says this rarely happens has clearly not played in pvp mmos.

  • I don’t want to be punished for not being in a group all the time to ensure that I cannot be killed by scummy opportunists. I want to play when I want, not only when someone else is around.

My distaste for this idea comes from my experience of other pvp mmos. I don’t play them anymore because I frankly am not fond of games that reward players for getting into pvp fights that they know they cannot lose.

Anyone can call me a noob to their heart’s content. I have heard it all before. It’s not going to make me change my mind or keep my opinion to myself out of shame. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking forced pvp, it’s just not my jam.


It obviously isn’t what they want here. AG knows PvE players will leave. I don’t think AG wants that as proven by the direction the game has gone.

PvP players are the vocal minority.

That said, PvP players don’t give themselves enough credit. I am seriously considering leaving the game because I don’t like the control factions have over settlements.

As a player who is interested in only PvE, crafting, and housing, I find my gaming experience heavily impacted by decisions made my those in charge of the settlements and in some cases mismanaging settlements, i.e. taxes and crafting facility improvements and lack thereof.

So PvP players shouldn’t be sweating. You guys still get your pound of PvE flesh at the end of the day! :laughing:


I don’t think my way of seeing pvp is flawed in any way, rather your way of seeing pvp might be flawed - but who am I to judge right?

PvP flagged people do have an unfair advantage over those who are not flagged with additional 10% exp - and mantra that those are some kind of incentive is getting really old. PvP is a play style - some like to fight players (because they are skilled, strong, interesting) and others don’t like to fight players (because they can’t care less). If a certain play style needs to be incentivized - get unfair buffs if you flag - that means that there are not enough people selecting that play-style - so those who say PvP is cool - should ask themselves - if it is so cool and interesting why is it minority that wants to PvP. Let me remind you that this game was originally planned to be a full-PvP game - but nobody wanted to play it that way - so PvP was made optional.

I am not sure about how a PvP flagged player is going to be behind PvE player within the same environment - if they farm same mobs - PvP flagged person gets additional exp, even if somebody comes and kills him - he de-flags and is back to the same ground with PvE player, though enjoying his unfair PvP advantage prior to that - so ahead… and if he defeats the enemy - he is getting even more exp.

The thing that you don’t see is that there is no risk PvP - it’s just a choice of play-style - it’s like saying I decided to collect hemp, so give me incentive to mine ore. You turned PvP on - because you wanted to - because you are attracted to that type of content - enjoy it - why do you want to pull everybody else into it?

I do see the issue, but I disagree with your solution - I don’t need anybody protecting me as I am leveling or harvesting - I don’t want to be content for PvPer’s - so I switch PvP off and do my thing.

Again please try to understand - PvP flag - doesn’t make you special and there is no need to incentivize people to turn PvP on - they will turn it on when they see that there is interesting content


Well, I saw it coming…:joy:

PVErs crying, they would be forced to PVP

I find this idea is genius. It would benefit the econemy and those who want rather do things like crafting, farming and trading. Because prices for ressources that are rare in some territories would raise drastically.

This is not in ANY way “forcing to PVP” imo.
As a PVEer you would be just fine questing in enemy territories. Only farming nodes there would flag you and you do not have to farm ressources to get them, you can buy them. You could farm things that are common in your territory and sell it somwhere, where it is rare, to optain the gold you need for what you need to buy.
So, basically you did just farm what you wanted to farm but in a different way, very easy and NO FORCING TO PVP.

BUT like it is right now (with one collored maps/servers), this would be a absolutly nogo-feature to implement right now.

There is no Orichalcum in Cutlass Key, Brightweave, or Weaver’s Fen. And by “no”, I do not mean “only a little” I mean absolutely zero. What if your faction does not control any Territories, other than one or more of those three?

Edengrove lacks Starmetal, Gold, and Oil.

Ebonscale lacks Starmetal and Gold.

Reekwater lacks Starmetal.

Monarch’s Bluff contains no Ironwood.

Windsward, Everfall, Brightwood, Reekwater, Edengrove, and Mourningdale all lack oil. (Well, actually, there might be a node or two in the extreme west of Everfall … maybe …)

What if your Faction controls only one of the above territories? Each of them is completely lacking at least one important resource. In several of them certain resources are ridiculously rare (only one to three clusters in the entire territory) - for example, Wyrdwood in Monarch’s Bluffs.

What if my quest is to acquire resources specifically from nodes (e.g. a Town Board quest)…? And there aren’t any such in my Faction’s territories?

… which presupposes (a) that anyone wants to buy what you’ve farmed, and (b) anyone wants to sell what you need.


Except of this:

… which presupposes (a) that anyone wants to buy what you’ve farmed, and (b) anyone wants to sell what you need.

…nothing you wrote invalidates my post.
But thats actually a fair point.

Also, if they would do it like i said, they would maybe have to change how ressources are distributed.

That would be very close to open world pvp. Should it be the same if people are fishing in another zone?

My faction only has one territory.

The more punishing you make being in the underdog, the more people will flip to the larger factions and you’ll have the exact same problem of people using ‘your’ nodes.


PVP Players: Everyone should be auto-flagged! No one would EVER abuse it! Abusing it is rare! People don’t normally gank lowbies! But lowbies SHOULD be flagged!

Also PvP Players: Abused open world PvP to camp lowbies in the Alpha, thus forcing the devs to add a toggle & PvE content.


I dont see why, could you explain?


BUT like it is right now (with one collored maps/servers), this would be a absolutly nogo-feature to implement right now.