Gathering row materials % drop doubled and market prices droped

I am not sure 100% if this is a bug.

I see that all Row Materials droprates are doubled.

Before a big iron vein gave 50 Iron Ore now it give 80+.

Same for furs and other raw materials, also craft components of chests.

If this is a bug, it’s ok, but if NW DOUBLED the % of droprates completly destroyed all market becouse there are too much raw materials and prices are droped on the floor.

Please fix the droprates, there are too much raw materials on the market, the prices are too low now.

Something changed becouse before i never gather so much like now.

The rate increases as you level, go look at the NWDB website for gathering exp.

Also it appears at least for lower levels that using luck on your gathering tools will give lower values maybe…

But still no clarification from DEVS if that is true, false, broken, bug.

I know about the LuckPerks, but it’s not about the perks, i just saw that gathering row materials doubled the rate.

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