Gathering tools should be tied to the gathering professions not the overall level

So a few things really.


Gathering tools should be tied to the gathering skill, not the overall character level.


  1. A gather/crafter player will hot into the upper 80’s - 100 by the time they are lvl 25. Starmetal tools would be the optimal tool past lvl 50.

  2. It is far more optimal, to lvl to 40, buy a Starmetal tool set in the EF store for 500g, and speed run your gathering skills, it will take you half the time it took someone that was lvl 25 still using Steel tools to get to lvl 100. This devalues the crafter/gatherer experience imo.


  1. Tie gathering tools to gathering professions + tweak gathering speed
    a. Flint 1 - 20
    b. Iron 21 - 40
    c. Steel 41 - 60
    d. Silver Toolset (new) 61 - 100
    e. Starmetal 101 - 150
    f. Orch 151 - 200
    g. Void (new) 201 - 250

and so on so forth.


Also add skill capes please.

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Please do not do any of the above request changes - Please just fix Server Transfer and Outpost Rush.

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Your post… has literally nothing to do with mine. Go make your own thread dude.

Have you guys seen the new Robin Hood skin? Its EPIC.

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My pleasure, here is another one.

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