Gathering Tools

Has anyone else had issues with not being able to craft Orichalcum gathering tools? It comes up as “unlearned”

They are disabled atm…

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People have crafted them so it can’t be disabled
How have they been able to craft them already?

“atm” is shorthand for “at the moment”

There are other posts here on the forums explaining the bug that caused AGS to disable.


I am not stupid. I know atm is at the moment. A simple explanation would be polite rather than belittling someone and telling them to check other forums

bro…I really don’t think he meant it in a malicious way.


Guess u are…

Continuing the discussion from [Notice] Temporarily Disabling Specific In-Game Content:

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ok well this would have just been recent because I already crafted bags earlier today - I am not stupid. It would be nice if people were helpful rather than being a dick about it.

Yo…why are you being extra emotional. No one is being a dick to you. People literally just answered what you asked.


Well i just said they where disabled atm…

Was at work, so i didnt had time to copy it for ya. But next time just search for gathering tools disabled or smth like that u find ur answer quicker

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Funny cause someone answered the question in the first message. You just didn’t want to believe them. Maybe the response you got was from your response.


They were bugged and not rolling as intented. They were available to craft for a good part of the day and now they are not available, the devs disabled them so they can fix it and no one else lose their mats trying to get something that wont roll. Same for the satchels


You literally called the person who answered your question correctly, a liar. Pretty sure that is the definition of being a dick.

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off topic but we should get a temporary global armorer’s inspiration to make up for the downtime. hate to have to sell my house and move cause of a bug

Just buy the ready crafted tools off the auctions.

Any estimation on when we can craft proper tools and bags?

Nope sadly

Neither a word if they compensate the players who crafted the bugged items now

@Maselbart any idea if we get our mats back?

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