Gathering Trophies are essentially useless after last patch. CHANGE THEM :)

Gathering luck, has essentially become useless. The legendary materials required to utilize the daily cooldown crafts have such a surplus amount in game due to aptitude crates.

this has has direct effects on the values of gathering professions trophy mats – examples - Surveyor’s Tools / Adamantne Dust / Tracker’s Seal / Notes on Aeternum Fauna - not going to list them all.


Instead of these trophies providing a small gathering luck bonus. Have them provide a yield bonus.

Maybe not i dont know. I feel like it would be a great change.

Could probably work it into here elsewhere but im not going to spend 20 minutes writing a forums post. ---- The trophy mats are supposed to be an extremely rare find I’ve seen posts on other sites talking about it saying its essentially a 500/100,000 chance or so. that you have to roll 99500 or higher out of a maximum roll 100,000. The fact that i hit this extremely low chance roll and then my reward is a trophy mat that sells for 300 coin, is very very disheartening.

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