GAXE and melee is very bad

You nerfed GAXE and melee to much!, now bows muskets rapiers and spears in light or medium dominate everything else. THIS IS NOT FAIR!

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Yeah this is a good representation of the state of melee right now. It is impossible to hit anything that is moving. At least the GA lunge somewhat helped with this before the nerf. I really hope the devs takes a look at this since they seem to have no idea how their game is performing right now.

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So rapier and spears are not melee now? Ok.
I agree, all melee weapons are VERY bad, but only if you remove half of the melee weapons from the equation.

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Rapiers and spears are way to powerful atm because they kept buffing those while kept nerfing everything else. Right now the meta is bow with rapier or spear, its way to powerful and it MUST be nerfed. WTF AGS first the bugs and the exploits and now the incorrect balance changes ? Dont expect any more money from me anytime soon i dont like the way you handle things, especially the balance! The game was fine when it launched except the unkillables assasin healers everything else was FINE. Buff the mage and the Gaxe again or nerf the bow-spear-rapier combos and for the love of God, stop messing with balance at your game! It was fine and you broke it…

This guy didnt hit one reap

It was fine? No it wasnt. GA was OP AF. GA is still A+ weapon. Im sorry you cant just LMB click people to death yall have to actually press W now. Like cry me a river. If youre losing to bow, its entirely your fault. The game HEAVILY favors GA in pretty much every scenario except long ranged.

Bow HAS to play in light/medium armor in its most vulnerable range, with out any con to even stand a chance against a GA player in heavy. On average it takes about 10 hits to kill one. While they only have to “lol lmb go brrrrrr”.

Throw on rapier? ok cool, youll hit them for 500 dmg. At best you can use it to run away. Whopdie-doo bro.

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nearly everything in that video was desync.

Lagpost Rush

Amazon should hire Google to handle their servers

Just a normal day in new world tbh. It’s been like it since beta, don’t expect anything to change. 99% of reaps don’t do anything. Often you will get dmg but no heal and it won’t pull the enemy back or even root them. I like reap but I almost feel they should remove it as it doesn’t do anything most of the time.

They should buff the Gaxe movement speed, lunge range, increase the duration of grav well in terms of defensive capabilities. Need to buff hammers too tbh.

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Lol so revert this 1.2 changes? GA is in a great place now. if they fix the desync crap itll be ok.

ga is fine if they change the lunge range back else every clown can just run around ga and never get hit and kill u with whatever range weapon or rapier if u lose to ga in a 1v1 rightnow as any range/rapier ur just bad at the game

I have 50 ping, 60+ FPS, this is still happening. They nerfed GA way to much that is not viable, i dont want to play anymore.

I have a 3080ti and play on max settings, and still have desync. Desync is the issue. GA/WH is still top tier weapon.

for wars maybe for everything else def not. Like i said you get OWNED by bow rapiers spears and experienced mages easily, you stand no chance despite your skill and gear. it needs to be fixed.

they devs only understand numbers, when they see me and my friends gone then they will understand.

It’ll go back to being OP once they fix the lag.

LOL cya

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