Gear disappearing from Inv

Today I went afk for about 20 mins when I Logged in I lost a bunch of my gear about 5k umbral shards a bunch of named gear and my war set, I know I wont be able to get it back but could anyone tell me why? I check every storage but I cannot Find it at all any help would be appreciated.

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I wouldn’t write it off yet. First, try and log out for 5+ minutes. If that doesn’t work, you’d need to contact support. They’ve gotten a lot better with helping with lost items. I would recommend trying. Contact Us | Amazon Games

Okay Ill try the support its def been a lil to long for me to try logging ty.

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yo been about 3 ours since request do they normally take long or are they off for holidays?

It usually takes a few days.

I submitted a ticket 5 days ago for the same reason and still haven’t heard a thing in response.

oh wow well hopefully they can get back i need my BIS war armor back lmao

I just had this a similar issue. I was in a lobby for an expedition when I went to my storage shed. I opened my storage shed and attempted to deposit a piece of armor. When I shift clicked the armor piece from my inventory to my storage shed it disappeared and I have not been able to find out where it went. I checked the ground I checked EVERY storage shed in every town. I cannot find it anywhere, so I know for a fact that the item disappeared.

yup more or less what happend to me but i lost my whole inv, Hopefully they are able to do something to help, If not it will be very disheartening.

Well I just got a reply back from AGS and this is what they said.

Blockquote Checking your game logs, we cannot locate any transaction related to the item Chardis’ Headdress. Please confirm with that if the item we’re searching for is correct. Else, please know that the item cannot be tracked on your account.

So it appears they are going to call me a liar and not replace the item. I will keep pressing to see if I can maybe get this ticket elevated since honestly the item itself is not that important to me but the fact that the game is deleting my items is a much bigger concern and now knowing the response we get when reporting these issues is more or less calling me a liar by telling me I never had that item/

Lost my regular pants again on fresh i swap gear a lot tanking luck gear bow gear and brusier and this is the 2nd time i got go farm regular pants again because they just dispper

That sucks do you think if I send them a recording (I have vods from a war ghe day before) you think I could get stuff back?

Yes, they should. The support person “helping” with my issue just asked me to prove that I had a BOP item that is really almost worthless and easy to farm. I am so ticked off with their support right now. They claimed I never had the item on my account so now i am looking all over my screenshots and videos trying to find proof just so I can prove to them that I am not lying as they suspect.

This along with the predatory “Black Friday” sale is currently causing me to log in less and less. I convinced a bunch of friends to come back to this game and we were all having fun but every other week it seems like there is a new glitch/bug/or game breaking mechanic that causes such a headache. honestly it’s like putting a stick in the spokes of a bike that you are riding, at what point is the self-abuse enough for me to just quit this game for good.

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