Gear dissapeared after patch

My head and chest slot gear are both missing after the patch. They aren’t in my storage either!

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Were they duped Voidbent armor pieces? :slight_smile:

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looks like harvester set got the axe ???

Probably had Harvesting luck on them? All of my bound Harvesting luck gear is gone as well. BOE stuff is still in my inventory, but everything else is just gone.



Ah it did have harvesting luck, ty

no haha I’m level 34

This community is so toxic lol. Accusing people of being dupers with no basis.

missing three pieces as well. all harvester gear

Oh snap! You got duped by the duper’s and now pay the price

Who’s accusing who?

No one assumed he duped.

Alot of innocent people have had their Duped Void Bent Deleted today, people that didnt dupe, just aquired duped gear unluckily.

All you have to do is scroll up to see Zansobar immediately go straight to asking the guy if it was duped Voidbent pieces.

It was a simple question with a smiling face at the end. But somehow ur assumed that this is an accusation.
Are you alright my dude?

My whole cloth harvester set that dropped off cats around the world went away … except the hat :slight_smile:

No great loss, I get pieces of that all the time.

Absolutely, when someone complains about lost gear and the first thing you do is ask them if it was duped gear and add a smiley face, yeh I take that as an accusation.

I have had my shield turn into something different, been down graded and stats are now INT? when they were Str. Completely different shield. Not harvesting gear.

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