Gear grinding / stats / bis farming and PVP don’t go together. How about a middle ground solution?

Upon zoning into arena/OPR/war, gear ilvl should at least be automatically scaled for everyone to a minimum 600 for all gear slots. If the player has higher ilvl on a given slot, then that overrides the scaled minimum of 600.

This could be a decent middle ground between fully equalizing gear in PvP and leaving things as is which is a disaster for PvP.

This way, the player would mostly just need to worry about their attributes/perks/gems choices.

Personally, I would scale all gear pieces to the highest ilvl possible (currently 625) and let the player worry about the other choices they have to make that are tied to BiS gear which are a massive headache / grind by themselves alone.

We have to farm different sets for different roles and builds. Gearing solely for PvP should not be this punishing.

Please stop killing your game and driving the few remaining players away / stopping new players from trying out the game.


I totally agree with this. Still going to see major discrepancies in terms of perks but in hoping with the new crafting algorithm that might become less apparent. We will see how that goes though.

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Good Suggestion imo. If only gear score got upscaled, there would still be plenty of room for BiS items to make a difference while lower people would have a bit better chances to win with skill.

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Absolutely agree about this possibility giving players who aren’t crazy about BiS’ing everything a chance to win with skill while still allowing gear customization to a degree.

I like this. I also like the idea of new armor on the faction vendor. Could even be 600 but not upgradeable until they have 600 expertise. At least they can play the content and be viable and others would still have a gear advantage that they worked for.

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Gear should matter in an MMORPG to a certain degree.

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The current community for the most in New World. Would rather have a barren exclusive PvE gear based PvP scene.

At this point I’m just going to tell you to just go play another MMO. That already does what you want. I’m currently playing that MMO. And PvP over here is way more active than New World ever was. After the patch that bumped the GS to 625.

Expression of skill will forever take a back seat to BiS PvE gained gear. Just accept it! AGS and the current community are not interested in implementing standardized PvP alternatives.

Sorry, but you’re not going to convince me to play WoW or ff14, and definitely not GW2 or ESO. I despise all of these equally and will not touch them for so many reasons much longer than what I could list for NW.

I’ll just keep trying with feedback until NW is as good as it gets. No giving up.

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