Gear Presets Menu and keybinding feature?

After discovering items with %+ rare items while doing X gathering skill, we all realized there is this gear probably into the 20-30s or so. You already have your gathering tools equipped so ‘generally’ those aren’t the issue and are fine. But I feel that the game could really really benefit with a form of pre-set equipping for your gear. This could be for finding rare items from gathering, increased luck finding from mobs/chests etc, for PvE, for PvP, defensive sets, literally anything right.

Say as long as a piece of gear or entire set of gear is in your inventory: you can make a new list for a set, name it, and select the pieces to select for that set from your inventory or which you have equipped already. Then have the option to equip that set altogether at once.

There would have to be some form of mechanics with this though so people couldn’t abuse it in combat, or instantly equip a different set ASAP when combat “ends” so to speak. There would need to be a before and after grace window of anywhere from 3-10 seconds I would say roughly. From the point of combat starting or ending. Also key binds or holding down a key could display this feature to either open the general menu or holding a key to open your gear lists then, hovering over a set and clicking/letting go to equip once out of combat or when no actions are being performed in general.

This wouldn’t be perfect and I’m definitely interested to hear anyone’s polished thoughts on something like this. But having to go through my inventory find every item I need to change between skinning a mob, opening a chest nearby and then picking silkweed could be done in the space of 30 seconds instead with a feature like this. Rather than double clicking every piece of gear for each set every time I want to gather or loot something. I reckon doing this literally probably puts a x4-5+ timer on the time involved.

Let me know your thoughts as I feel like a feature like this could really benefit the game, and best to make it a certified feature rather than people try to do it themselves with third party addons or something that technically aren’t allowed?


Bumping… (only because I think this is important and could be beneficial for the game)

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