Gear Score & Loot chance on gear

Here is a video that explains Gear loot drop, and how gear score works that makes sense.

New World Gear Score Loot Luck Update! Get Better Item Drops! - YouTube

  • Each group of players that tag a mob reduce the loot chance, so if say 20 people are ungrouped that counts as 20 groups, where as 2 parties of 5 people each would count as 2 groups and the rate would be cut by that amount instead of 20.
  • Gear score for drops on monsters and chests are water marked, meaning each gear slot and weapon type must drop at a specific GS for that water mark to increase. Farming lv25 elites as a lv50 will not get your GS of your range since those mobs don’t actually have your lv GS in their loot table.
  • Loot chance on monster drop and from looting a chest PERK will increase the chance of you getting a next teir gear item. So from gray to Green, Green to Blue etc etc only so long as it can actually roll a high enough GS value to turn into Green/Blue/etc.

TLDR; Go watch the video its informative. :slight_smile:

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how do you know that it cuts the chance between each player


Try it out have 5 friends un partied run with you with nothing else around and farm some elites.

Then party up and kill them without anyone outside group attacking your mobs.

You get less xp as well if someone else attacks your mob and is not in your party.

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