Gear score vs Expertise

So my gear score is 600 but my expertise is a lot lower.

I feel like I don’t understand this system. Why is this here? Why do we have basically 2 gear scores?

Expertise downgrades your gear, which is where your gear score comes from. But there is a bunch of conditions on when it downgrades the gear, for me to get into here. But that is the difference.

Gear score → The aggregated score of your gear
Expertise score → The aggregated cap for which your gear score will be downgraded to

The design intention is you need to “earn” the power higher gear score items give you. You do this by leveling up your expertise for that gear. They wholesale ripped it off from Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, whoever designed this system didn’t consider crafting so of course it doesn’t feel rewarding when you can somewhat easily get a high GS item from the TP or craft it yourself.

Imagine a world where New World didn’t have any crafting at all. Those green, blue, and purple drops we get that bump up our expertise AND are even marginally better/useful become instantly valuable. This I’m sure was the designer’s intention, that you feel rewarded by bumping your expertise and getting good loot at the same time.

Clear case of teams not talking to each other and/or a rushed implementation.

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Does your GS matter for mutated dungeons or does your expertise matter? If it’s the GS of equipped gear then it’s kind of lame you cannot flex between healer/dps/tank.

It is both you need the gs from the gear but that you can use it without Reduktion you need the expertise

That was also clear from the moment they implemented it.
Most people understood gearscore. (Even that is unneeded but whatever).
Then they added expertise. And Gypsum. I bet 50% of players do not understand it or even care about it.
Now let us just add another layer with effective gearscore and Umbral shards. Why not.
Boggles the mind.

Because they only have 2 dungeons for content. Expertise is an arbitrary grind designed to give the illusion of content and keep people playing longer. One of the worst end game systems I have ever seen.

I feel like they are missing the point of “fun” in games these days. Keeping players engaged in some grind to move a point up and keep players in the game is kind of out dated.

What ever happened to meaningful, fun and engaging gameplay. Sucking people into a grind does not become fun gameplay. It becomes 30+ people rushes and then logouts.


Why is it that an item which I don’t use is being calculated into the expertise. I don’t use a shield and don’t expect I ever will. Gear score average doesn’t count that empty slot where as Average Expertise does. So I have to spend gypsum on a slot I’m never going to use just because the average is counting this empty slot.

Why do you care about the average expertise value? It doesn’t affect anything.

It’s because it effects the level of your gear drops from high level chests and bosses.

If you buy a F1 car doesn’t mean you’re pro racer. You need to learn the skills first to use the full potential of the item. If that makes sense.

The average expertise does not. The individual piece does. If you want higher GS shields then yes you need to up your shield expertise. Otherwise, just ignore it.

Ok, from what I read (How Gear Score and Expertise Works in New World | you are limited to the level of mobs you should be fighting as the average expertise impacts the drops you will recieve.

"Therefore, in order to see a receive consistent Expertise increases you should reference the following:

500-530 - Level 61 Enemies
530-560 - Level 62 Enemies
560-590 - Level 63 Enemies
590-600 - Level 64+ Enemies"

No, that’s not what it’s saying at all. What those numbers are telling you, is that to gain an expertise increase within that range you have to fight that level of enemy.

So if your shield expertise is 531, you are less likely to get a bump to it if you fight level 61 enemies. To see a consistent increase you’ll need to fight level 62 and above.

Average expertise is just a value to see your overall progression. It doesn’t impact drops or bumps.

Edit This also go for GS of drops. You need to fight level 64+ mobs to get the higher GS drops once your expertise is in line.

Ok, and thanks for sticking with me. I finally had a “chest” run in the lvl 65 mob area and now I see what you have been trying to get me to understand. Again, thanks… I think I’ve got it clear now.


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