Gear sets and respeccing cost

Does anyone else agree that respeccing their char shouldnt cost 500g at 60, I like to play different builds and have multiple sets at 60 that I like to wear doing certain things and having to pay 500g each time seems excessive.
A gear set manager would also be super nice!!


The fact that the gathering sets are so crucial for rare drops, which pretty much forces you to respec for gathering, makes this system a complete failure. If anything, we should have a 2 loadout system (one for pvp and one for pve)


Agree and Agree

I agree to this one. Especially since AGS made dumb reasons why you can’t have multiple AoE users of the same type in groups, forcing respecs on the fly.

I think that is what drives diversity. We can only have one character per server, and that one character cant do every single thing at peak performance. It pushes a reliance on other people to specialize in certain aspects of the game.

I got Dex to the first perk and the rest into con

Then I use armor/weapons/jewelry to set my other stats for what ever roll I am playing.

I have a focus set, tank set and Dps set. So I can be any roll by just swapping my armor/weapons/jewelry

This way, you just have to make a few sets and never respec

I also have a mining luck set, and gathering set, but its a pain to keep all the different armour sets so I stopped carrying them all at once.

I spent 500g to respec con to farm wood in my full woodcutting set last night. Kinda regret it and that feels bad. If it was 100g to respec it might be a bit better.

But dropping 1000g anytime I want to roll a gathering build or pvp build or tanking build is just blegh.

Said this a lot today… I saw this cost a few weeks back and thought “standard gold sink for end game, seems legit” but that’s when I thought gold generation actually increased as you leveled up, not the other way around.

Honestly, this game has some world-class gold sinks built into it without any apparent massive inflation gold generation. So yes, 1k gold for a reroll that’s not permanent is simply not viable. As a one off role change that’s intended to stick, it’s fine. So I suppose they only intended it for that.

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Honestly if outpost rush was in the game it wouldn’t be an issue. It’s sad.

Seems to be the general consensus. Do you think it’s popular enough that it’ll be viable to rely on as a regular source of gold generation?

I never tried it. Looks fun.

How much gold does outposh rush give? Everyone says it will fix the L60’s gold issues but I can’t see anywhere the rewards.

Also its PVP right? I know there are non PVP things you can do in outpost rush, but many hate pvp

It was the most fun I’ve had in the game so far. And it was only out for like 4 hours. At least that I got to play. For me at least it is the missing ingredient.

It gives a ton of azoth, gold, and helps increase your watermark.
Addresses like 90% of the complaint posts on this forum.

Everyday its not in the game feels bad, like a key part is missing. Because it is.

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It gave 300-450 gold per match. And about 200ish azoth.

Only won my matches so no idea on the loss amounts, but I heard it was slightly less than a win.

edit: Its PvPvE. I’d see if you can find a video that can explain it better than me. Sorta like arathi basin, alterac valley, and DOTA had a baby.

Sounds good although I find it unclear as to why there’s not an equivalent method of gold generation for PvE (that’s not limited like invasions).

Unless 1m repop elite spams are intended as “fun”.

I think you are just finding the issue that is PvE was tacked on a year and half ago. They got dungeons in place, added some elite grindy stuff. But thats really it. There is talks of raids or raiding equivalents.

The closest thing to a PvE moneymaker you can do right now is Invasions.

No one on my server has beat one so dont feel bad if you “lose” an invasion. Worth signing up for any factions invasion though, you might just get an invite.

I have signed up for the last 10 invasions in 8 different towns (I am L60) and each time, there are mass kicks until its only the company who owns the town doing the invasion (not to win, but to just get the gold)

So Invasions is not a good source of cash at the moment cause unless your in the top company’s, your not getting in

We will do that. Just hope that’s not it.

Not quite done with grinding out the Google maps quests yet. Once that’s done I’ll see how things go with naturally playing content in a manner that’s fun. If that’s not enough to maintain repairs and 3 houses and make some progress without also grinding the TP to sell fibre at 0.1g, I’ll reconsider some life choices.

OR is something I’ll try. It looks great.

Yeah I think thats a problem. IIRC the lvl 65 corruption portals gave okay gold before they were removed with no sign of when they will come back. Another blegh with endgame right now.

Definitely support a gear manager. We were talking about this the other day in our discord. With needing separate gathering sets for farming (one for each gathering, one for pvp, and at least one for pve depending on if you use luck gear or two sets), it would be really nice to have 4 or 5 custom loadouts.

Even if these were just custom tags we could apply to search by in our inventories that would help so much.

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Consider this… end game ori gathering tools, tier 5, with good perks and good gear score cost half as much as one single attribute re-spec does.

Some ting broken.