Gear sets/build sets or more characters please

If we can’t have a way to have gear sets/attribute sets, why can we not have another character at least on the same world set/server?

While we can respec, it is annoying. All I’d like to be able to do is pick what ‘class’ I fancy playing each time and select the gear set that includes my characters attributes changing to whatever I’ve selected for that particular set. For example sometimes I fancy being ranged and using a fire staff, but I have to respec everything - gear, attributes etc instead of just selecting that spec.

If this isn’t possible why can we not have more than one character on the same world server so we can at least use our differently specced toons easily?
You an always lock faction to whatever the main character chose first.

Seems odd that such a new MMO doesn’t have at least one of these options available?

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