Gears for mutation

I’m quite new to the game, and just tried mutation today. I want to ask questions regarding gears. I know from what I have read from Reddit that using Light till m10 is possible with several (4-5) ward perks but have to know mechanics which is kinda hard for new player since that take many runs to learn.

My questions are :
is it possible to do all till 10 with medium with several wards ? (since heavy is a no go because no damage bonus)

What’s the safest combo of attributes and armor type but still can deal enough damage for all mutation till 10 for spear and bow?
(Like [150 con, 300 dex] or [100 con, 300 dex, 50 str] , is it possible to reach 200 con and 300 dex at 625 ?) , I imagine 200 con and medium armor with all wards would be the safest, but I dunno if that will have enough damage.

Last is about armor crafting, I never tried armor crafting, I’ve been playing actively for maybe 28 days now and mostly leveling and gearing up with a bit of leveling trading skills. At this point when I want to look for ward armor, sure there are some in trading post but the other perks are bad, and they’re expensive, so I think about making my own. Can armor crafting have fully customized perks ? and what are the bis perks for gears for pve mutation dungeon ?

I currently like DEX build because it seems good for all types of dungeons, I can use hatchet for Genesis (angry earth type), I can use spear for Lazarus (ancient type) (I know it has no boost, but warhammer seems slow in there) , and spear and bow are good for Depths and Dynasty (Corrupted) , so dex covers all for pve and also pvp.

The more the better

Spear and bow are bad in some dungeons where opponents take less damage from thrust. I hope you are not asking for universal armor for all enemy types


forgot to mention, it’s mostly about the DEX build, not limited to bow and spear, with hatchet (slash), can use it for genesis with angry earth.

Not universal, but maybe for dex, and ofc cant universal because have to have corrupted, ancient and angry earth set.

I have a lot of craft mods I got from a month of playing and still keep them in my storage, which I thought can select perks using them, is it limited to one ?

I don’t how good it is but you get medium dex set from Tempest Heart quest line with ward and elemental aversion. So I would be recommending going that direction

I see, I’ll try to get that first then, I forgot about that dungeon lol, tried once, took so long and failed and never enter again. Been going to laz and gen and forgetting tempest. Seems like Corrupted has more dungeons or cmiiw.

Corrupted : The Depths, Dynasty Shipyard, Tempest

Ancient : Lazarus

Angry Earth : Genesis

bows are a meme in depths/dynasty, you’re better off with ga for the crowd control or a hatchet for pure dps

This is frankly just wrong. Yes, players run light in high level mutations. Yes, players run light for speed runs. Yes, you can run heavy armor w/ wards and still do appreciable damage and survive and gold M10s. Dead DPS don’t dps.

Some people can do light with fifty con under certain circumstances but that is the extreme exception and not your average player.

I am part of a group that farms M10s in several dungeons and we are close to M10 in several others. A number of us were in Heavy armor the first time we did M10.

You will have less buffer for time but you can still make 6x multipliers with heavy DPS in the group.

The key is the appropriate perks for both weapons and armor and using optimized builds with low CON. A player in 50 CON with heavy is more survivable than a player in light and 200 CON and is only about 6% difference in actual DPS. Yes there is a 20% difference apples to apples but you can run less CON in higher armor classes and get more damage.

In fact I encourage new players in our company to go heavier with less con than going lighter with more con when learning. It works well.

That said I am talking about melee DPS STR builds even DEX builds as others have said bows are a meme build in mutations. While you avoid mechanics they make instances harder to heal.

thrust is your bow and doesn’t work as good in some dungeons

Also i prefer to do m10 with people in med or heavy they don’t cost me shards by being dead and saying i had 25% wards why doesn’t that stop the 3 other conditions added for mutation.

Nice, then if heavy can, medium can, and I read medium with wards is enough till m10 and can tank quite some damage.

Light seems so risky and need good reaction time which I don’t consider myself as one esp with high ping time.

So if I use medium armor as a dex build, then I can allocate 50 from con to str to make up for the 10% more light and hvy atk damage.

Nice, good to know, I feel that light is sooo risky and worrying for me, but afraid to not deal enough dmg if I change.

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Anyway, it’s really hard to find good 3 perks, with attributes that I want and with good price, and sometimes it also has pvp perk like resilient thats for crit, monsters don’t crit, right ?

So I’m thinking about getting PURPLE, with 2 good usable pve perks. Is it worth keeping and upgrading purple if it has 2 pve perks ? I can have good selection from my own collections in storage and drops from dungeons, than waiting for orange that never comes.

purples are more than enough for mutations

Resilient is PVP only.

You only need Ward + Weapon Perks. Everything else is icing. Will the icing make it taste better? Yes. But it’s far far far from neccessary.

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Ok thanks.

Now about crafting, what’s the point in crafting if the perks can’t be selected ? What craft mods are for ? I have a lot of those in my storage which I never use yet.

When someone say something like LFM DYN M10, DPS HEALER, LINK ALL, what do they hope to see on the gears of the dps/healer ?

Ward, possibly bane and weapon perks. In terms of weapons, use GA/WH. You will want to use the appropriate elemental gem for each mob type due to higher multipliers, so half of any boosted physical damage is lost anyway. Here’s an example: My WH with a sapphire gem will do 50% strike damage, and 50% arcane damage. The strike portion is reduced to 42.5% against corrupted, while the arcane portion is increased to 65%. I will therefore have a base weapon damage of 107.5%. A spear in comparison will do 60% thrust, and again 65% arcane for a total of 125%. While this might seem in favor of the spear, if you now take into account that the base damage of WH is roughly 20% higher than spear (240ish vs 200ish at 625), the actual damage numbers become 258 (WH) vs 250 (Spear) before attribute scaling - the WH already outperforms the spear. Both can keep a mob at rend cap, both get insane amounts of sustain through fortify. The WH vastly outperforms in aoe situations, slightly in single target, but brings a lot more utility through CC. Especially combined with GA. Spear wins in terms of weaken, so if AGS adds really tough bosses in the future, you could make an argument to bring 1 spear guy. However, at the moment, run GA/WH. You can comfortably clear all current content at M10 running heavy with zero ward and GA/WH (though ward does help with certain mutators. Also, usually required to get in groups). Cheers & gl!

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Thanks, so the “universal” gear for mutation dungeon is Heavy+GA+WH then.

I just spent all coins for medium with corrupted ward + luck lol.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, I’ll try that build next.

Changing from light to medium makes me more comfortable now, since I also don’t have fast reaction time with light and can tank a bit now, with heavy I think I’m going to like it. Tried the Depths M1 yesterday and failed at boss that points at platform, and i asked the other dps they wore Light armor, and they died so often.

(I did play healer with heavy armor till like level 40 ish and I liked how I could tank a lot of mobs at that time)

Spear is actually fine for any dungeon, since it has so much utility/buffs/debuffs. You can knock them down, stun them, apply rend, bleed, fortify, empower, and weaken, and use your other weapon for damage dealing. Same for hammer. I always use some combination of spear/hammer/gaxe. Hatchet is excellent too I just don’t enjoy using it.

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first off. Don’t go medium. Spend your money on Light gear (ward and ability perks) and just up your con until you are comfortable and know the mutations from top to bottom. Once you know the mutation you can then lower the con. Make sure you always use potions that provide you armor to the mutation type or npc type. that’s the approach. You will throw away your medium armor and have to recraft all new armor. So save time and do it right the first time :). Also, make sure you have an amulet that provides protection to the mutation you are in.

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Ward. they don’t want to have to revive you if you have no ward gear. Archers and Muskets can hurt the hell out of healers in mutation. If you want to be the best at what you do, get warded! they also want to confirm your gear score is 625

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