Geat Axt needs a fix

fix the great axt it is so lame that they can speed up to range people stun them for ever till they are dead you cant out move them with dash bcs the game mechanics just pulls the great axt user back to you like 3-5 meters and that every time it is just so overpowered atm even as a healer i cant do anything stun all day till dead then my heals dont work bcs he constanly hits and autolocks his attacks. why can they even use range attacks as a close range class ? and why give them autolock that pulls them to you all the time ??? you need to work on that lots of people on my server are changing their gear just bcs its meta and that sucks hard bcs a mmorpg should have all classes valuable

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It also needs to be changed in the sense that, it shouldn’t be able to take advantage of the life staff healing increase passives.


yes also do they tank a ton i hit them with 460 intelligenz build for 300-600 dmg he runs up to me and 3 hits me with 2.5k dmg each hit. Like come on where is the balance … -.-

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