Gem Fusing not working?

Can anyone confirm if Gem Fusing is broken? It’s telling me that I do not have the resources, but I have all the resources in my inventory… Im not sure if I am missing something or it’s busted at the moment…

Can anyone confirm?

I checked it for you.
working just fine for fusing all levels of gems.
Check list:
Level of stonecutting skill for fusion of gems
Level of gem to be fused-see level of stonecutting
Level of solvent, make sure its pure solvent t5, if you have an older solvent, just salvage it, it will give you the T5.
Motes-at the type (air, fire etc) at the (1-5) tier needed

Gems that can be fused will highlight up in white in the station.
Check the red list ones to see what you are missing in ingredients.

Remember that crafting stations check your inventory first and use what is there, then go to storage in the town.

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