General considerations and suggestions

I’m still learning about this game and I may change my opinion anytime soon, but I would like to share my point of view in what it works already and what could be improved.


  • Crafting system: bugs apart it works nice, it is fun and I enjoy it very much.

  • Character progression/ Builds: You have got the point! Classic system works from long time for a reason. We need Tank to be tanking, Healers to be healing, DPS to be doing damage. I hope you will continue working on it evolving the abilities of the class even creating new abilities in future. But keep on this line!

  • Resources gathering: even if I’m not a big fun of spending time farming, I didn’t get bored doing it in New World. Of course many other will disagree, but as I said it is my point of view.

  • Environment: everything looks on spot. Mobs, lands and scenarios.

  • Expeditions: I didn’t play all of them already, but they seem well done, just a little too slow to get to the end. 30 mins max should be the aim to close a dungeon in my opinion. I hope you’ll make them valuable also in future by giving us the possibility to run them at max level, adjusting the drop with themed lvl60 items for every expeditions. Otherwise few people are gonna run low level expeditions in future.

  • Open dungeons (elite zones): very fun to play this content in the wilderness, they also add some good lore to the game, which also give a base that could be developed for future contents! Hope so.

  • Housing system: I’m a fan of this contents when they are functional to your gameplay. First time I see a game making it very valuable!! Really appreciate.

  • Faction and territory quests: enjoy these type of content as the are functional to other game contents!

What could be improved:

  • I’ve focused my time mostly on PvE contents so I’m not gonna talk about PvP but, since it is effecting my game expirience I would say, the fact that it is not possible to move objects from the storage of a city that’s not under your faction control it is a bit annoying. I would rather prefer having the possibility to do so, maybe even having to pay an extra fee.

  • Story Quest line: i don’t know if it is my fault rushing doing quests, but I may have lost why we are here, what is our aim on this land! I’m at lvl 50 story quests and I don’t remember much of the story! Maybe some cutscenes could help us understand what are you trying to show us with this story. At least for the important things! If there are any! I even don’t know if there is any important NPC to be mentioned. That’s kinda sad and it is not creating basis for long time engagement. I wanna feel bounded! :slight_smile:

  • Portals event: boring! annoying! on my way to the the other things! useless! Don’t add any info to the game. Loot it is crap. Unfortunatelly it is a big no for me!

  • Trading Post: I’m sad because of the market. I’m a huge fun of markets in games. I found it is very limited for 3 reasons:

  1. 100 cap: this could work if the other 2 points will change, otherwise it should be incrised in my opinion, since we don’t have other npc where to sell what we don’t need.

  2. City Bound: there are cities where player won’t go and spending azoth to move just to buy something make it even harder.

  3. Server bound: this is the major fail, market will be veeeeryyyy slow if you keep it like this. The player base of a single server is not enought to make the market fast enough even for selling raw materials.

That’s it. I’ve shared some of the thoughts I have. I also have some other but since the game has just came out i think you desere some time to think to future improvements (pssss Mounts! Themed events! Raids!). Joking! But hey, who knows if an expansion in a couple of years could bring those things to us playing the game…

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While I do agree on most of your points, including the markets, I would prefer to see economy being “fixed” instead of trading post being adapted to broken economy.

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having a large scale market could itself be fixing the market or either not.
But i think it is something to try before making other changes.

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