General forum question?

Attn: @Luxendra & @TrevzorFTW

Hi there guys, I would like to ask a simple question that I think might solve some confusion for some people (us the players/customers) are having here on the forum.

My question is, when we write a message here on the forum, say for example bug reports. And we get a reply from a person writing in orange, are we getting a reply from a actual AGS staff’er or a player of New World or even someone part of the forum support team not part of AGS?

I am asking this because there seems to be a very high amount of ‘rage’ directed at these ‘orange text replying people’ and from what I’ve seen there’s little to no appreciation for them trying to do the job of passing on the relevant information.
And unfortunately as soon as these ‘orange text replying people’ don’t have enough information to help the ‘raging’ person, they end up with coping the brunt of the flak, and sometimes it just gets downright rude/personal.

So I guess what I am asking here is. Is it all part of the job for the ‘orange text replying people’ just to shrug it off, or is there some way these ‘raging’ people can be made aware there quite possibly speaking to someone who is in no way related to AGS, and the more they ‘rage’ the more they are less likely going to get any help?

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Orange text is a white knight they promoted to moderator so they have folks to delete posts from unsatisfied customers, and they dont have to pay them.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion.

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the Customer service reps.

or orange text CMs arent really related to the development of the game.

all they can do is talk to you and send back to the actual dev team.

Is it fair?
does it make us feel heard?

it’s the best they can do.

Beggars cant be choosers , am i right?

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