General Game Feedback

To be quiet fair, the game has a lot to do, this is just my general feedback on issues I see/fore-see:

  1. Wars are basically player organized, which does not benefit anyone except the leader. i feel it should be randomized with people who signed up and online. as you will either just choose the highest levels or friends of your company to join, which leaves more than half the server base out on certain activities, these companies will dominate servers, which leaves no fun later (on both/ all three sides).
  2. Areas/Zones in the game are of course always under different statuses like war, in-conflict and invasion. But on certain servers and as time passes, i can see factions (and possibly a single company) dominating a server, which will eventually lead to server transfers and empty controlled servers. my suggestion : make invasions useful where they actually turn zones back to neutral. this gives players and all companies more drive to do more missions in that area instead of spamming the fetch/kill/hold PvP quests (which again will get boring after some time) and not allowing zones to get to in-conflict status, therefore creating an issue on certain servers.
  3. understanding that the game IS new, and people probably do not quiet know what to do yet, there will come a time that issues arise with the “expeditions”. as I can see in the future some players not being able to finish these later in the game on a full server of 60s and they are just leveling up. (not mentioning any bugs about them either at this point) I feel there can be a dungeon que added into the game for LFG LFP).
  4. (the basics we all know by now)
    (a) obviously bots are now reigning the server, and gold sales. there should be a way to prevent new accounts being made to sell to these account and monitor their activity (see who trades what to whom) on Amazons end. Instead of hard-banning an account can find a trail of gold sending and farming from the owners account, which can lead to bans/suspensions.
    (b) Player community is actually pretty bad, people are saying whatever the want whenever they want, and as per the update understand that people are being punished for such reports, and as such is great, the issue would be invalid reports on accounts which should punish the person reporting them (if done consecutively, especially to opposing factions/companies on the same server) this is a new tactic to have players not around during wars, causing them to appeal and wait for a response from the support team.

please take in account this is just my personal feedback to what i see going on currently, and in end-game content.

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