Genesis Caretaker is way OP

We ran Genesis for the first time yesterday. We watched video guides, read up on the fights, and had what I thought were appropriate gear specs (550-590 across the party). We wiped on this boss 15 times, trying a number of combinations of inside/outside barrier groups. We had one ranged dps, two melee, one healer, and a tank.

The problem that we encountered was that survivability within the barrier was nigh impossible due to the skull cast mechanic. Multiple times the skull would get cast sequentially - I was tanking and would dodge/avoid the first skull, but then another skull would immediately get cast behind me, and either I’d get one shot, or the dps inside with me would get one shot, so either the boss would then kill the dps, or I would not be able to do enough damage to prevent the wipe mechanic. From my view, I could not even see what killed me - my barrier partners had to tell me what happened.

Trying different approaches, it worked out that if we kept one dps and heals outside, they could not kill all of the mobs because of all of the spawn locations, and then when the barrier would come down, we’d get wiped by the adds rushing in - I had 15K health and I’d get killed in three shots by those adds.

We really tried to analyze how to fight it, but ended up leaving. It seems like it’s impossible the way it is now.

Has this been anyone else’s experience under the current patch? Watching the videos from prior patches, the fight did not seem nearly as difficult as we experienced. If you cleared it recently, how did you get it done? We are at a loss, discouraged, and were each out about 2000 coin from repairs.

Edit: FWIW, yes, we had blight tinctures, AE coatings and wards, and all of that.

You don’t run it until AGS fixes all the broken bosses they created to curtail our progress.


Its pretty easy dude. I have killed this boss 30+ times. You just have to group the adds after the first arena and focus them down. After that the kill is free.


You killed it 30 times in the past two days, or before? I already said that I think it’s a recent patch thing. They tuned it somehow or made an adjustment that has made it impossible, but maybe I am missing something.

Also, grouping the adds does nothing about double skull casts. How did you deal with that?

When the barrier came down I’d drop an AOE taunt and well the adds. The well did nothing, and the adds each do a massive damage hit with a stun. so there was no way to CC them or prevent them from taking me or the healer out, which happened every time if there were two or more adds left in the arena. I could not block or respond at all once I got hit by the adds. Popping the ward pot did nothing to mitigate it, either. All of the guides say that the adds are not a big threat but that they should be worked down first - that was the other issue that gave us a lot of trouble. They are a massive thread. The adds were impossible to mitigate, and once they focused a player that player was dead in 3 shots.

This dungeon is not OP at all. Everyone just needs to learn you cant walk into the dungeons any more with your luck set on.

Tanks - Need to have every piece of gear with Angry Earth Ward. Using the hammer with Rend for armor breaker as well as shockwave to give a total of 30% rend for 8-10 sec is huge

DPS - Need to not just have Angry Earth Ward but also need Angry Earth Bane on there weapons.

Healers - If you not running blessed then you might as well just not heal since this is the best perk in the game for healers.

Everyone - Need to have Trophy’s in all 3 of your houses even if there just minor ones. Everyone also is going to need the Coatings on each weapon, Maxed out honning stones as well as ward potions for the tanks.

Its great to see that you actually need these items in order to complete the dungeon so that they are not just a walk in the park. I hope AGS does not change the end game dungeons. All of the people doing the dungeons you need all of the sets for…

Angry Earth

the Wards and the Banes go along way.

Hope this info assist you cause our company went from struggling to doing the dungeon in 45 min or less.


Okay, so what I’m hearing is that we need to have all trophies and specific mitigation gear to clear this dungeon. As I said, we had all consumables equipped. Given the amount of time/resources to get all of that together, plus the orb costs, it does not seem worth it to even make the attempt since the drop value is relatively low.

Which then begs the question, why even have the dungeon in the first place? Achievement flex I guess?

We were not having issues with DPS burn rates - our dps was fine. The two things that were killing us were: double skull casts, and add stuns. Can you explain how you mitigated those, given your experience? Is AE ward gear really that powerful to the point that it will nullify those mechanics?

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i did it like a few days ago (at most a week)
Yes its not easy
but Hammer kills hin endurance FAST (even as solo tank inside)
Healer is important for this boss
the hardest thing is the ads the boss on itself is okay as everything is dodgeable (everyone out of my group did it for the first time i was the only one knowing it from experiance and not only videos)
i played with luck gear
dont get blighted its your death (there are potions for it if you need them i rarely even take 1)
kiting while ads are active is important

on the reward side. the dropps are god in the dungeon (at least when you are looking at the alternatives) and the endboss gives a hwm increase each time.

As a tank i went from getting 1 shot to 3 shot with the abosrb gear… So did most of the other DPS who switched from Light to Med with the ward just so that they take less dmg.

The other thing we did as well as had a person switch to Hachet build for the outer ring as a off tank to keep the adds off the healer.

The inner ring is not about doing DPS… Its just about breaking the Shield as well as just staying alive by moving around.

Mechanics is always a players worst enemy. Have to have head on a swivel and dodge the mechanics.

But all in all. Yes… The Wards, Banes, Trophy’s (1 in each house), Coatings and the stones. Everything adds up to add absorption as well as dps.

Dont feel upset or feel defeated cause of wiping. Its all part of learning. Take a look at some other videos for the dungeon. Find out a good group comp.

For us we have… Tank with hammer (Rend), Mage (Frost / Fire), Bow/Spear, Great Axe/Hachet and Lifestafe/Void. Is our comp perfect… prob not. But like i said… went from 3 hours and not beating it… To changing to the Ward and Banes with all the consumes to doing the dungeon in 45min.

Dont give up and keep going… You will get it.

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Caretake is fine - it was way too easy before.

This is easy. Only the tank stays inside. It’s not hard to dodge the attacks. Healer isn’t even necessary. Even if the tank screws up the healer can heal through the barrier.

Tank just has to be on his toes with the heavy attacks to prevent the ultima.

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Gear coating and bla bla isnt the problem here. He’s neither to hard or to easy. If you know his abilities and still wipe its either lack of communication or skill

Thanks for sharing that feedback. Really appreciated.

My response though, is that I have to consume a ton of legendary resources, or randomly find, gear that will let me survive the dungeon. I could deal with the trophy thing (which won’t help a tank anyway), but getting a full heavy set with appropriate GS that all have constitution and AE wards is going to take forever. I guess this is by design, but honestly, I’ll probably never run it again if that’s the survivability benchmark, because I’ll never get all of that gear together in a manageable time frame given the opportunity costs of those resources. The resource and time investment does not seem to match the value of the rewards. I mean, eventually, maybe I’ll get drops that I can use. It just seems so far down the road that it’s discouraging. In the fullness of time, by the time I have all of that stuff together, there would not even be any point in running the dungeon in the first place, because the drops won’t add any meaningful value to my WM relative to other grind methods, and the special gear drops themselves are not anything worth having if you already have the ability to craft the stuff you’d need to clear it. I’d just be running it to say I got a clear.

I know many people already feel that AGS has put way too many obstacles to progress in place, and this just seems like one designed to make the dungeon entirely redundant, unless your focus is to RP as a bane of the AE horde. Paying 2000 gold to learn that you’re not good enough yet is too high a price. My personal progression has been stalled and hampered by the constant tweaks and changes that AGS has made to rewards, crafting curves, and WM. There are people on my server who are at gold cap (and higher because they refresh buy orders to store the gold), have hundreds of legendary mats at their disposal, and are fully decked out. I have no doubt that these people benefitted either directly or indirectly from gold and gear duping. AGS’s approach to slowing progression down has been in response to these people, but the rest of us, who are playing the game naturally and within the intended limitations, are getting pounded, and it’s really creating a sense of “why even bother”.

The hammer dudes hit hard for sure but its really not hard. Have 3 dps stay outside and kill at least 3 mob spawns then the arena drops and you pull everyone in the middle and dps the other packs down then burn the boss. Avoid the wave in the next arena phase and ignore the ads to just focus on killing the boss. We have killed it multiple times this week before the second arena even drops. This is with everyone wearing luck gear.

I’m not sure you understand the issue. Even if I stayed in there solo, I’d still get hit with the skull, because he was casting two right in a row - one would get telegraphed and come from the front. I dodge it. Right afterwards, another would get cast behind me facing inwards, so I could not see it coming if I’m facing the boss, and I’d be dead. You only get so many dodges before you run out - you need to stop to get stam back up. If that is the intended mechanic, it’s entirely unforgiving.

We were using this strat, but the issue was that if any adds remained at all, the combination of stun hits with the massive damage would wipe everyone, We had the boss down to 10-25% health after the first arena, but if there were 3 adds left, it was a wipe every time - they’d either focus me or the healer, and we’d be down almost instantly because the stuns removed any ability for us to respond or mitigate in any way.

It took our company a long time (Since we are on a very low pop server) to buy or create the gear in order to do the content. Lost of the items we did buy were cheap cause people really never know what they have to be honest. The total cost for my tanking set was about 2k. Which for some is a lot of coin. I do farm alot… like i mean alot… so i have a good bank flow. But for others this will be a struggle.

Lots of other gear need to look at is the BOP crafted 200 Armoring gear that is created via the dungeon. Just because it comes with ‘CON’ on all the pieces. Which is what our other tank had to do in order to find gear.

Dont feel defeated my friend. Please keep at it and it will get better. I do suggest… just cause this is what we are doing. Just create the orbs, find the Angry earth gear and save everything for when the patch releases because at least then with the new Expertise system coming you will get better (Well we hope is better) items to increase the HWM.

Take things slow and learn from what you are doing. Some times a step back to figure out what is happening and what you can do to better figure out the situation will go a long way. Lots of our members now are going out and getting different weapons to 20 so can bring multi weapons in dungeons for different strats.

Duck and dodge. Key ways to get around all mechanics… and dont stand in fire… it never ups the DPS :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re a good egg, @Cataclysm.

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Having tanked this boss personally many times over the past couple of weeks I can tell you this is a viable strategy.

There’s no need to actually tank the boss during this phase. Just play chicken with him and keep mobile. When he does come in for a swing or two you can block. Otherwise keep moving.

The killer aoe he does has 3 stages I believe. Typically if I got caught in the first one, a double dodge would free me for the next two.

You have to kite the mobs and just kill them fast. Shouldnt be that hard. It is possible

Game is built to be running around in a luck set, that’s the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard. Preparedness in this dungeon should and originally did make it fairly easy. Meaning resist potions or coatings, blight tinctures, stat food. Should be the only things necessary to get the decent advantage here. Good weapon choices, your dealing with angry earth, you want lots of fire or slash damage even better if you can get fire and slash damage. Placing your trophy for minor, basic,major angry earth damage in all your houses before you go into the expedition. Wear all the luck gear you want, these factors alone should be steamrolling the expedition and if it’s not there’s a serious problem that needs fixing. And that fixing is not removing your luck gear.