Gen/Laz - No Bow/Musket Please!

Becose you can have 4 hamers and stun lock mobs 20/7

You don’t need str or int to run ga or VG offhand instead of the musket and grav well or scream and oblivion grav welled mobs

I dont have problems getting in groups because I ran with friends. I haven’t even tried to pug but some players do try to pug and some players do have issues with groups wanting the most effective to make the runs smooth and fast. Just because I can use spear does not make bringing me optimal. Any str user can also run spear for the rend and still be more efficient with hammer or GA.

Good luck outdamaging my fire mage with full angry earth ward and 2 angry earth bane weapons (and 50 con) with a musket :smiley:

I thought 5/7 was perfect but now I realize that 20/7 is.

bow and musket hits 1 target at a time
while hammer or g.axe everything around.
now think a little
would you want a musket guy in your group that can hit only 1 mob at a time and if they miss they dont hit at all…
a hammer or g.axe guy who will hit everything around him while browsing his phone…
to me choice is obvius ^^

Musket is bad in mutations because your stuck in the aim animation and miss seeing the void or fire under you. If you only toss a nade and go back to main weapon…nade shreds. Can get 12k on packs…per mob

Musket is just unusable for most things, the only thing it can be usable is opr and maybe wars if you are really good. I wish they would rework it, give it a new dmg type, armor penetration etc. Right now its just a slower and weaker bow without any real pros.

Ah, so the assumption is that people use musket on trash, instead of spear or rapier.

What about muskets on bosses? Is that also a no? Personally, i prefer musket over bow on bosses, especially with shooters stance, headshots, and powder burn. Vorpal is amazing if you can land a high % of headshots, plus ofc appropriate gem. Attrib food, potions and stones goes without saying. Otherwise enchanted > vorpal.

I will consider using WH as offhand for trash despite being dex/int specced just for the rends and stuns. Thanks for that suggestion. I do it in chest runs for the lols. Didnt think it would be worth it without speccing STR.

I remember that being a problem when i first started mutations. Now its just habit to avoid. The only problem is you cant sustain aim mode for more than 2 to 3 shots at a time.

The hate for poor Bow/Musket :frowning:

This answer isn’t straight foward but i’ll try my best to.
There is only one choice when going to DPS right now in the game: Light Armor
And there is only one choice when dealing with “how to DPS”: melee DPS

This combination allows you to:

  • Always have Sacred Ground and Fortify for everybody, not only the Tank;
  • Always have the VG buff/debuff that allows a MASSIVE increase in sustain DPS;
  • Keep always Up Rend with VGs and spears even when their respective damage (Thrust and Void) isn’t the best against the mob. Why? Because of the utilities they bring to all party members;
  • All melee allows you to keep the aggro in just one place and isolate the Healer so that he can freely heals everybody when needed with AoE spells;
  • Always CCing enemies and keep them together/stunned with WH/GA, Spear/VG or Spear/Hatchet utilities.

It’s not joke that the best combination possible right now, regardless of the dungeon is 1xDPS with Spear + VG, 1xDPS with WH + GA or Hatchet + GA or Hatchet + Spear and 1xDPS with Hatchet + VG. You can modify slightly by bringing more spears or take out the WH in certain dungeons. But this composition outperformes everything else in 90% or more DPS scenarios.

If you play anywhere near the edge of the map (Bow or Musket) you are not:

  • giving anything to your team fighting up close apart from damage - which can easily outperformed with Hatchet + Fire + Angry in Genesis (5 CONS nearly 8k per light hit or 7k with 50 CONS) and Hammer + Lightning Damage in Lazarus (nearly 40k to Chardis and almost 10k per Hit on Cilla). So, i would like to understand how you outperform this damage and most of all, it’s consistency and frequency;
  • helping your healer since you are required single target healing spells. Meaning the healer cannot focus on one job only (keeping everyone alive with AoE spells) but needs to single healing target you when you are in trouble. The less the job on a m10 the better. The most tied the party is the easier is to keep everyone alive;
  • helping the overal output damage with utilities. It’s unmatched a VG + Spear or VG + Hatchet or Hatchet + Spear in any dungeon due to the atrocious amount of utility you can use for everybody to support the DPS.

Hope this clears out your thoughts!


Wake up. It is not all Hammer/Axe anymore.

You clearly stopped reading after two sentences. I thought humans were able to read further. Dude, just read before writing next time please.

Thanks for editing it. Makes more sense now.
Nothing beats hammer in Lazarus but also nothing beats fire in Genesis. Hatchet comes close.

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Forget the meta, hang out with us and play whatever you want :revolving_hearts:

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That is how my server was. Lot of fun.
And then the tryhard locust swarm arrived.

Hatchet beats fire by far. Saying this as a main mage with more than 250 genesis runs. The world record with a 9min M10 clear is also hatchets only

Thank you very much for your full and considered reply.

I suppose i will stay away from the try hards. I do have a lot of fun doing mutations playing my own way, even if others dont consider it ‘optimum’ or even ‘viable’.

As said above, i use spear on trash and go mostly melee, and only go ranged on bosses or single targets.

Even then i stay close to either the tank or healer. Either way i benefit from area heals or oblivion. Can dodge everything, and very rarely get punted. A ring with leech also helps.

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