Geo-Server release time

So, which genius at AGS thought it was a good idea to stagger the servers release times across the globe?
All EU servers are now flooded with non-EU players just trying to get in at the earliest time.

You’ll find most of them are people logging on just to get their name, to use at a later time on another server. What most of them don’t seem to realise is they don’t have to queue and log into game to do that. Once they figure that out, they’ll be out of everyone’s hair. Most won’t hang around to play because a) the ping will be bad and b) it’s pointless playing when they have to go and do it again in less than a day when their own server is up. TL;DR? Stress less. It’ll pass.

Still it wasn’t a good idea.
I don’t understand why the naming has to be global.
EU servers will never merge with NA Servers so what’s the point?

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It is not server merges it is world merges, as you say they would never merge EU and NA east.

No, but as I’ve explained elsewhere, when they spin-up a new server in, say, India or Malaysia or somewhere that’s crying out for servers… people will want to transfer to that server. People currently playing AU or US or whatever. OK, now if you have regional unique names, people could potentially join that server as a new player and take the name of someone who wants to merge to that server. With the unique name format, existing players would be able to merge to that server the day it opens, or 6 months later, and their name would still be safe, regardless.

It’s all about looking after existing customers and I hugely applaud AGS for that.

…names have absolutely nothing to do with it being a bad idea to release servers at different times, causing a massive strain on one region all day long.

Some servers have queues of over 7000 long at the moment… and that’s because there’s an absolute boat-load of players from other regions playing on the EU servers.
I know, because I asked in my server at 07:00am BST this morning - at least 10 people responded saying “I’m from NA”… that’s ignoring all the people still in the tutorial, and ones who simply didn’t want to say they were from NA, or didn’t read the chat at the time I asked.
It’s also ignoring all other regions.

The problem here is that somehow AGS didn’t foresee this happening and causing a really poor day one experience for EU players, as well as an even worse experience for those of different regions jumping into EU Servers just to play the game 8+ hours ahead of their own regions release time.

OK, let’s get real for a moment. How long do you see this continuing? One of the NA servers is currently up. The other can’t be too far behind, if not up as well by now - I’m not really tracking them because I don’t particularly care. But the point is this: The NA servers are up, offering FAR superior ping for US players. If the current situation on EU servers persists much longer, logic suggests it’s just a lot of Europeans playing, and not the boogey man Americans any longer. That is the only logical way to look at it. Americans will not continue on EU when they have their own servers; and their own servers are up. So who will you blame next, re: EU numbers?

I’m not ‘blaming’ NA players, why are you being so defensive over it? lol.
I simply asked in the chat ‘How many of you are NA players?’ at 07:00am BST this morning, and almost a dozen responses came back.
So you stating that NA players weren’t playing and were just claiming names, is untrue.

Second to that, there are 155,000 players on EU Servers currently, now 81,000 on US East (up from 74,000 about 3 minutes ago) and 0 on US West as they’re not live yet. There are 80 EU Servers in total, which has a capacity of 160,000 players (meaning there’s space for approximately 5,000 players currently). However, there are currently over 125,000 players in EU queues for those 5,000 spaces.

Maybe those will drop significantly when US West opens since NA Players won’t be dropping from EU Servers to play US East when they want to be on US West - because why make a character for the third time in 24 hours?

But that’s still besides the point…
This topic was here to highlight how bad a decision it was to stagger the release across the globe, forcing the world’s population to join a single region.

For the record, I’m not being defensive. I’m not even American. I was simply pointing out that a ton of US servers are already up, and more are imminent. So going forward when you still have massive numbers on the EU servers - and you will still have massive numbers - it’s not going to be as easy as blaming, ‘those pesky foreigners’ and you might finally realise you simply have a ton of Europeans playing. And that’s a pretty normal thing on Day One of an MMORPG release.

I’m saying it was an issue at launch…
They staggered the servers so EU servers were overloaded with non-EU players. I didn’t specify Americans first.

What could’ve (and should’ve) happened was that all servers could’ve been launched, immediately relinquishing a LOT of stress and load. Less people struggling with queue times, and getting some time in game.

We’re not even at peak EU time yet, and there’s a complete shut-out of EU servers currently now, because EU players have been waiting for several hours already to get onto their servers - mostly because non-EU players were occupying slots on those servers.
All that’s done is snowball and cause more and more servers to queue in population… now people don’t want to log out at all and would rather sit AFK / Idle for a bit so they don’t have to disconnect and then sit in the queue for several hours again.

It’s a complete disaster of a launch.

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