Get a second key for dungeons?


So from what I have learned you only get one key for amrine, which will be gone after you used it.
So that means that if you want to do it again, you have to find someone who has not yet done the quest.

This seems like a very weird mechanic to me, since at some point its gonna get harder and harder to find someone who still has his key.

Did I miss something here? Is there really no way to run a dungeon more than one time without finding someone who has not done the quest yet?

Is it the same with the other dungeons?

Bro you can craft the keys

The tuning orbs are crafted. Not sure if you have to craft them yourself or if someone else can do it for you though. Mats are a little high needing an item purchased from faction merchants and drops from corruption events.

Pretty sure there is a questline that starts in Windsward that gives a second orb. I am working on it now. Also get 5 people that havent done the dungeon yet and you can do it 5 times. 10 times if they did the other questline.

Ah, alright thanks!

I did not know that those could be crafted :slight_smile:
What workbench to I need to use for this?

So you can complete questlines in each of the starting areas to get a tuning orb for amrine. I have 3 atm.

But I heard that if you got with a full party end amrine everybody get out the party then 1 stay inside everybody get inside again and the one remaining get outside and inside again you can do it again. Not properly sure about what I am saying but I heard something like this :joy: it’s working? And it’s legal?

the stonecutting table

You are thinking about the repeatable Barkamedes quest. That doesnt make the dungeon repeat. There are more bones in the dungeon than are needed and it use to allow you to do the quest like 3 times per 2 dungeon runs but I dont think that works anymore.

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