Get ready for new patch ( New Heartrune craft)

Hello guyz, for my fellow PvEr and Pvpers who wants to stockpile before Brimstone patch here the necessary mats for all runes.

thanks to @nopnotme for this awesome graphs ! Get your mats ready


Sure hope materia from expeditions drops at a massively increased rate cuz 8000 is insane. That’s like 72-75 runs.

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Yup some of thoses are crazy numbers ( 200 runestone over 50 every gypsum + gypsum orb. ) let’s hope they boosted some things lol

They definitely need to uncap a lot of things if they go with these numbers. 10 ruby gyp is 5 days minimum, plus 10 garnet from 3v3’s. 10 emerald gypsum is 10 days. 5000 umbrals when literally we are starved for umbrals to upgrade all our gear sets.

They need to stop trying to turn the game into 2 full time jobs.

Or make every single item in the game tradable. Including gypsums and materia.


Yea you actually need 50 of Thoses if you want to try all gems.

You get average of 200 materia per run with the salvage. So maybe 40 runs. I have 4-5k from most already because I was saving crap drops for 2 months to salvage :joy:. 5 dps gen normal run it’s 7-10 min so this one it’s really easy

That is fine, but when you realize most people don’t want to run those dungeons 40 additional times after they got what they wanted from them, that’s a lot of wasted time. On top of all the other time sinks for these heartrunes.


Run m10’s then for gold. I make all my gold to buy 3-400k pvp gear from selling loot

great. so those with lower gear scores, will have low gear scores for much longer now. thanks guys.


You are the man. TY

Looks like I didn’t understand graphic right , if you need all runes you will need way more than 200 runestones since you got 3 types / runes. Edit : I’ll edit first message with his other picture


With this they have demonstrated that they approve of shard selling.

Exciting. Hmm gonna have to look into which ones I’m going to save for. Definitely want stoneform as a healer, but want one of the other ones for some fun extra damage. Maybe the detonate one? Hmm. Vines seems like it will be very useful for PVP though. I’ll have to start preparing materials for this now.

450 runestone. 25 each for 15 runes then another 25 each for the three stoneform. Only somewhere around 750000 lodestone

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so, here are some long term goals for all of those people wanting long term goals…lmao

Thoughts on stoneform for a PVE healer? Greater (extra fortify) vs. Stalward for the healing? I feel like the healing is a great panic button but we kinda have potions for that anyways, thinking the fortify on hits would be helpful if you get surrounded. Also thinking for a fun damage dealing one so I might consider a detonate and a vine one? Finally get a cannon one for fun. The only one I do not see a ton of value so far is the Dark Ascent. But feel free to give me your thoughts on them. Definitely looks like I am going to get multiple of these bad boys haha. Got a running list below.

Stoneform Stalwart (healing)/Greater (increased fortify)
Detonate Stalwart (healing)/Brutal (increased damage)
Grasping Vines Brutal (rend)
Cannon Blast Cunning (passes through enemies)

It’s also a drop on bosses

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This is awesome, OP. Thanks for posting it here on the forums!

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Something more for the top 10% no lifers to have another advantage over casuals.