Get ready for new patch ( New Heartrune craft)

Its all cool there, they made crafting easier, now when something need time to get in, people cry…

Dude guys, mmo its not a type of game to have everything by playing 1 hour per day… If u want something like it u need to change the type of game.

That materia cost is quite hefty, not complaining but gotta start running some regulars. It looks like it’s 100/run plus 30 for each salvaged named item. I got 130 from a run today. That’s about 61 runs! Gotta get on this haha. I have 7000 materia for Tempest but of course that’s the one I don’t particularly want as much.

I would wait a bit with all this farming. October patch won’t come sooner than like 6 weeks and it may change drastically.

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I doubt they’re going to nerf the costs very much if at all,
they know people want those new ultimate abilities and they’re
gonna do whatever they have to do to get them-

The way they did it with materia and everything was pretty smart.

Reward players for playing the game.

I can dig it.

That briar farming though… Wonder if far were like. What’s a resource that we need to have more sinks for? Apparently Azoth vials, feathers, vines, etc haha.

Yeah gonna probably focus on materia mostly and materials that have other uses like getting my Runestone dailys in and all that.

Time to stash 100k of lodestone haha…

Those yellow ones are rediculously expensive… mix-maxing territory I guess.

I don’t think the material will matter except for the tryhards who want it asap when the update drops. The basic heartrune is only a blue drop, so shouldn’t take too many tries to get it from the respective bosses

Yeah Ill probably just end up buying purple one for cash like week or two later…

I suspect it will, you cant gate players an entire ability with this level of farming -

Especially when this addition is going to drastically alter playstyles and meta, they are going to want as much data to use as possible.

This is my logical thought process on the matter.

Do I understand it correctly?

To have maxed out rune I need:

Minor heartrune > Major heartrune>Cunning Heartrune> Stalwart Heartrune> Brutal Heartrune.

Or its not like that ?

I dont understand the complaints, this doesnt seem like a long grind and you can start saving your gypsums now ready for the update.

I only want grasping vines so focusing on the mats for that.

People bitch and whine too freely.

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Cunning Heartrune > Stalwart Heartrune > Brutal Heartrune

These are three legendary heartstone variants within that main ability you can make from the major heartrune. It would look something like this:

Minor heartrune > Major heartrune > Cunning Heartrune
Minor heartrune > Major heartrune > Stalwart Heartrune
Minor heartrune > Major heartrune > Brutal Heartrune

That’s if you wanted all 3 variants within the 1 ability.

Thank you.

Anyway pretty sad to be forced to do dungeons to start with.

Exactly, I haven’t done a single expedition other the the Amrine. Just another thing to separate the player base like wars.

Wait… Drop… It’s not 8k materia…

Oh god what have I done?!

It’s a high drop chance from the end bosses. It’s expected to get them from the bosses, not the materia.

I dont get all the hate from having to gather resources. These are ultimate abilities. Why would you ever expect for caps to be heightened? This isnt something you should be getting in a days worth of grinding. You people wonder why you cry that there is no content. Because you want to finish the content immediately. You only need 25 runestone to make a major. You dont need ALL 5 majors in one day. You only need more than 50 runestone for stoneform if you are trying to get all three variations. God damn.


To me feels like the better one suited for pvp, extra mobility with cc

Ah maybe that’s by issue I’m always in PVE mode. Was thinking maybe vines would be pretty OP in PVP because of that root but I’m honestly not a great predictor of that kinda stuff.


I really feel it’s a good change because we will see a lot of build diversity with different Heartune for different weapons . Also way more customization about new Runeglass gem so builds will be more unique