Get rid of Factions + other things

Factions in my eyes are killing the game. I’ll explain my reasons for it below.

Having 3 Factions limits PvP, I think opening it up to just be Companies only would add so much more variety. There are some Companies in factions that don’t get on with each other and would love to be able to declare on each other or fight each other open world.

It restricts transfers from servers and also from Faction to other Factions if one Faction is dominating the server.

It puts people off when they scout a server to hop to. If you hop to a server with 6 green territories, 5 purple territories and you’re yellow faction, it will put them off from joining.

Add more of a bonus for killing players drop wise - coins, azoth, high gs gear - yes this can be exploited so you would have to think of a way around it, maybe make it so if you kill the same person over and over it makes it less chance of dropping something good and have a global reset every 24 hours on it. The higher the gear score someone has, the more chance you’ve of getting something good.

Make some form of league table for player kill rankings.

You could make your own individual alliances if you wanted to with other companies.

Make wars slightly easier for attackers but not to easy. Defenders have 4 respawns, Siege and Warhorns, there is a exploit with Warhorns, despite what people think, that give a stupidly good global buff to defenders. Maybe make it so there is less siege placements at the fort. Some forts have like 11 Warhorns and like 12 Cannons which is ridiculous. If you’ve a skilled team, you’re never losing a territory and yea, fix the exploit.

Make it so the same roster can’t participate in multiple wars - make it so they’ve to pay to get out of a cool down, you’ve 100 people in a company but it’s the same 50 all the time.

Sort out the shell company problem or make the war time’s between a set time instead of 24 hours. So for example, most war’s I have seen from multiple servers range from 6:30 Gmt - 10:30 Gmt - Make it so once a player has been in a war, they can’t participate for another 2 hours. Some people may be unhappy with this point, so it could be tweaked, but I think this solves a lot of problems and allows other company members to participate in wars and prevents shell companies being made with the same group of people to have staggered war times.

Increase company from 100-200 members maybe. Reason for this, some people like to be in their own discord or teamspeak servers with other friends but would still like to chat to the company in game. Having 100 people in a company and being forced to make a second company with let’s say like 20 people is restricting the 20 people from talking with the majority of the main company.

Destroyable tents. This is a big problem, makes open world PvP tedious as they constantly respawn and just drag fights out for hours or till you run out of repair parts and people wanna leave. Once you destroy the main tent, they’re forced to pull back, re group and get another tent down.

I know some of the PvE players will think it just caters for PvP players, but at the moment, there is a lot of PvE content that is coming out in the future and no PvP content. It does need changing so it caters for the PvP players as well.

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Having played DAoC, I like realms/factions. I think this is more a matter of the way it has been implemented.

I’d rather New World:

  • allow fighting within factions, in the current Faction implementation (I would not have wanted this in DAoC, but New World’s town ownership versus keep ownership makes it necessary - it’s actually ironic that moving the ownership to the main map versus a war map makes the war feel disconnected and annoying)
  • allow fighting for towns without a schedule - make the unscheduled win reset 75% of the town assets, while a scheduled war win only reset 25%
  • use the War map for a different OPR type, and create a useful War map…because the current map is just silly for ‘war’, you need to stretch the goals for any sort of strategy

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