Get rid of merks All togerther

This opinion will upset many. Merks should not be allowed for wars. Merks create a problem for companies internally,(by members of companies to be left out of content that they themselves help their company be given the chance to participate in), and the game as a whole because who really wants to be left out of content which by word of mouth turns new players aways from the game. NGL I’ve told many people not to waste their money because they are just going to be left out of the end game content, unless they act as fake as can be and suck to the governors, i myself have hope for this game, but sadly ill be off to AoC or some other along waited game thats supposed to come out this year. Most Companies have set 50 man rosters that they’ve built yet always have room to fill these merk slots(most of which are war loggers, and you really can’t consider them part of your core player base). By doing this the members that are being left out are leaving your game. Now many of you will say they need to get “gud” but in reality a lot of them are good at the build they choose. They just get overlooked, when in reality they are a Diamond in the rough as they used to say.A lot of these people are told to show that you’re doing well in opr. Well opr is a different game mode with no true match making balance unlike war where there is a form of match making that balances the ten teams that follows the current meta. so by doing well in opr and then getting put in a war that the company does not expect to do well( due to it being a top company or they company is good and the merked out member of the top companies) and they don’t perform well because of the stack team they’re up against so they don’t get slotted in the future. yet they merk out easy war that would’ve been good experience for those people. These people end up quitting. Also you have an issue where these top companies have alts in other companies just to war on. Sadly nothing will change due to the Voice of The Player, even though players don’t always want what’s best for the game as a whole, only what’s best for them.

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