Get Rid of the Moderation

this is a stupid response, shut up

They banned a guy for 24 hours for saying in global chat

“Dude stop being a turd.”

… 24 hour ban.

I personally got banned from the steam forums for a WEEK because I said, and Im quoting…

“If the ques are SO outrageous snowflake, quit being a shrimp brain and go to a server WITHOUT a que??”

“abusive behavior”… 1 week ban… 1 WEEK… for the first offense Ive ever gotten on any steam forum EVER.

It was so ridiculous I couldnt help laughing.


Probably banned because you don’t know how to spell queue.


So many games do this and I fucking hate it. They’re just words they don’t actually hurt you.


From your post. I kind of believe you did abusive behavior. calling people worthless. You are prone to being toxic.

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Here we have a forum mod telling the truth, getting sacked for it, and CS with their standard policy of denial swooping right in & deleting the mods comment after:

IF people cannot handle sentence enhancers (im retired forces) Then an MMO isnt for them. These games were NOT designed for the little ones to be around, they were meant for adults, therefore, fit in or go away little ones.

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if they think your name is bad, just give them a 1hr ban, a strike on their account as a warning, and force reset their characters name. If they fuck it twice again, good reason for full bans, but all off one thing. no?

and the game has a inappropriate filter, just slowly update it as you find more things to add to it if you have to ban people cause, you haven’t censored enough words…

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Nothing gives you the right to expose the world to your low-life vocabulary.

The right? Sorry/Not sorry your little brain cant handle those of us who were involved in things nobody should be exposed to. Low life vocabulary … lol thats fresh. Im sorry your feathers are ruffled sweetheart


You literally just broke the rules, disrespectful post.

You, and many others before you, can’t even manage to read a post with a different view point as you, without hurling insults or personal attacks.

It’s almost comical. You guys can’t even follow the rules you are defending.


In a world where people have their own brains to think things through and their own critical faculties to take decisions, and the tools given to them to block and ignore people they don’t like, there is no need to ban people for expressing themselves. As far as I’m concerned, trust players to take care of problems themselves. When people call for censorship, the reality they don’t want to acknowledge is that it is not them in control of what does and does not get censored, and they are setting themselves up for a slippery slope where it comes back to bite them in the ass. The strongest advocates of this kind of heavy handed censorship should really look forward to getting half their posts removed and bans off the game because people like me are going to start actually using the report function where the TOS allows for it to make a point.

As it stands right now, the entire system is broken. The heavy handed moderation has lead to cutting corners with autoban systems and all the rest of it. The only reason these absolutely absurd systems are put in place is because companies like Amazon want to respond to the sentiment for harsh and excessive moderation but don’t want to put the resources into allowing it to happen with any modicum of sense or fairness. At the end of the day, this is about community. And communities are messy places with all sorts of different people, some of which you will hate and some of which you will love to hate, and everything else on top of that. That is what makes communities vibrant and fun to be involved in. If you go in with a heavy handed approach, you will just end up with something that is lifeless and stale, not to mention broken mass reporting systems to boot.


Interesting, my post was removed

Has there been any reply or acknowledgement from Amazon on the people who are purposefully coordinating mass reports in an attempt to get the system to automatically ban their opponents?? Specifically what is going to be done about it, and how are these “mass reporters” going to be punished…


remind me why they have access to the ENTIRE internet then

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Soooo many fanboys defending the good old "LOL you deserved it’

when actualy the moderation is clearly abusive and in favor of ANYONE who whine enought, even if they are wrong and you are perfectly in the line of Term of conduct. They keep saying no harm to any community dont aim etc etc, But EVEN when you do that you can get a random ban for a random reason (that isnt even disclosed by them) ALSO the 24H ban for ingame tchat while you dont even ban macro abuser but just disconnect them is … so soooo stupid,
get free without warning 24H ban for tchat, but dont get anything for macro and tools abuse. LOL

You litteraly just comited a bannable offence by judging him > “it’s almost comical. You guys can’t even follow the rules you are defending.”
reported enjoy.

This is a pitiful attempt at manipulation & twisting someones words. You are bad.

thats reportable, omg serious? go back to grade 6 before feelings are scarred for life. I cannot believe I just read this. Barbie dolls and Gi Joes for you, if that was bannable you have issues and it isnt going to be cured on these forums.

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Parents shouldn’t let their kids play online Massive Multiplayer Online games if they don’t believe their kids are old enough to hang out with players of all ages.

Expecting a company to tinker a video game to suit your child’s needs is arrogance on a whole new level.

LPT: If your kid gets mad, sad or emotional over a video game, you should probably put that game back on the shelf for a year or two.
And don’t give your kid an Ipad at the age of 5.