Get the merges done or there will be nothing to merge

Title says it all,

almost every server in our cluster is down to double digits. either merge the servers or start giving out transfer tokens.

some of us are stuck now because of the jacked up launch.

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They are currently merging servers and if necessary they are merging entire clusters. It all comes down to us to show a bit more patience. And don’t get me wrong, I want servers merged as well, but it is what it is.

Please read: [FAQ] Server Merges


Better they take their time. So mergers don’t end up with a bunch of accounts being deleted.

You do have a point though.

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take their time???

our server is the highest in our cluster and we cant fill a war roster. people are transferring and quitting daily?

wait another week and you wont have anyone to merge

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༼ つ :eye: _ :eye: ༽つ summon Server Merges ༼ つ :eye: _ :eye: ༽つ


Thats not how game development works. Theyll definitely quit if their characters get deleted or stuck. So yeah be patient. Its not a magic button.

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On my server (Celadon) we have an extremely low population.

I was not able to log on the weekend that my company moved from green (which covered the whole map at the time 2 months + ago) so I was left behind and by the time I logged in, their new faction owned the entire map. The entire map has been completely purple since that weekend. So I can’t transfer to play with my friends.

Because of the lack of population no-one PVPs except OPR. Everyone spends all day everyday doing elite runs and portal runs.

Anyone not in Purple faction gets punished economically for not being in purple faction. We are in desperate need of merge, past time actually, people have maxed, and logged until merge, or simply left the game.

There must be better service for your gaming clientele than this. Please, fix this game for us.

some on lamian nº1 on low people.

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