Get us out of these servers!

So now with the merger not happening and not having a new date for trial, Can we get some damn server transfer tokens? like i want to play your game and feel good about it but instead it feels like i’m being punished. I’ve been getting on to farm for 20 mins and then get right off cause my server is next to dead and I feel like i’m getting bot ass responses from staff or they beat around the bush.

This isn’t an isolated thing, there’s 150+ US east servers and less than 10 that actually have high population, another 10-20 that has medium population and the rest are either sub 500 population or actually dead with 50-100 population.

By next month you’ll see those dead servers be completely empty, people shouldn’t have to wait for merges… At this point i would buy a server transfer token if it meant i can actually enjoy the game.

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