Getting a Drop from named on WTs - what is required

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Just as the title says, what is the trigger to make you eligible to get a drop from the named monsters (leviathon of the deep for example) during a chest run.

I notice on the chest runs there are essentially two strains, 1 is small sets bypassing normal chests and going straight for the named, engaging then the train comes in(2nd set), the exception is the myrk portals, which are just straight up melt fests.

I find myself gettting way less named drops in the 2nd set, not sure if this is due to lack of initial mob engagement, or failure to produce enough damage, or other factors.

If I’ve missed this topic, please feel free to link it.

I also very much appreicate the little “Chime” sound after the monster dies to know that there is a bag to pick up… very helpful, despite the ambient mob slaughter noises :slight_smile:


The drops are granted by damage done. If you do enough damage compared to other people also doing damage then you get a chance at a drop. Im not sure the number but lets say top 3 groups doing damage get the drop chance for example, anyone doing less than that gets nothing.

People at the front are usually going for the mob drops and elite chests only.

If you are solo you need big DPS to compete with the other groups in the WT, dont expect drops as a fresh 60 solo as your damage output will not be high.


Thank you for answering.

I was also assuming it was based on damage, as when I am in a full group and I got hog wild with the lead group I’ll get more drops.

That said, it is based on GROUP output, single output, and what is the cut line?
Aka 50 people touched this mob, you need to be in the 1 - 25 for damage output…
Or, 6 groups touched this mob, you need to be part of top 3 groups.

  • My GUESS is it’s top group damage, because I’ll run into a room I did no damage to and see the “bag” on the floor.

But what’s the secret sauce? Top 10%, 25% etc… /



I’m seeing a ton of people not getting drops on Turkalon.

Please, Devs I think this one is very simple, can we get an answer?

As a note I was on a WT getting a good drop rate group of 5, the 5th dropped during the second locations and the named dropped ceased. –

Thus was this person provided THAT much DPS, or does is require everyone in the group of 5 to do “some” damage.


Remember if you do 90% of the danage, then die, it resets your contributions to zero so be careful if you’re not in a group.

To get credit for loot you must get credit for the kill. You have gotten credit for the kill when you see the territory reputation gain popup and or gold gain.

You earn kill credit by doing an appreciable amount of damage to the enemy.

Common belief is that it is group based and the two groups whom do the most damage to the enemy get credit for the kill thus capping the maximum players to get loot at around 10.

Additionally if you go way back in deveoper posts you will find discussion by developers talking about how enemies in open world POIs scale. They gain damage and HP when you get more than a certain number of players in the area they never specificied (its assumed to be 2 groups). In addition the loot quality you get is reduced because they consider the challenge to do the content to have been nulified by the zerg.

Bottom line if you care about drops and need to farm - you want to go in there when no one else is with a group of 5 or 10 people and farm. It’s a horrible plan to try to farm drops in the chest runs.

Turkulon is no different. Your fighting for kill credit with other groups. So you want to put together a group with HIGH dps if your trying to ensure credit if there are more than 10 players present.

Thank you for the contribution

And Sonickat , I really appreciate your detailed info.

I have come to the same assumptions, which is why I’m here asking for a Dev to state it or confirm what the observations we’ve accumulated (like the luck thing), but it still remains just that; speculation.

I listen for the chime and watch for the coin or rep indicator alerting me that we did get credit. But again I would like concrete answer on WHY we got the credit.

Also the death/reset thing is certainly annoying. —

I’m having some PTSD from EQ KS days where you’d bash a mob down only to have a solo wiz/necro/mage nuke it and your entire group gets screwed :).

I’m not 100% convinced it just damage. I’ve recorded a couple times unique behavior of the 5th member…

5th Member still grouped, but 4KM away – get drops… 5th Member leaves group (still 4km away) drops stop. – This is really what I’m interested in.

I believe there is something pivotal about that 5th member on Open World content.



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