Getting lower gearscore items from PvP reward track

I noticed today when I claimed my PVP rewards that the gear score was a few points below what my gear score is for that item.

As you can see from the screen shot, my gear score for Blunderbuss is 549 but the blunderbuss I received from the chest is 541. Am I mistaken that the rewards should at least match my gear score for the rewards from the PVP track? If this isn’t a bug then how am I supposed to raise my gear score through the PVP reward track if I keep getting gear below my gear score? I am hoping this is a bug because it was very disappointing to not get at least my gear score if not a bump. Thanks

Im pretty sure u only have a chance at getting your gear score or above… I’m at 600gs and my rewards are 590-600

Hello @Robert_Burns and thank you @Properso for your answer,

I can see this thread has gone on without a reply for quite a while to which I apologize. I am also sorry to hear the gear score of your PVP reward was lower than what you were expecting. I can confirm these rewards may or may not match your current gear score as that is dependent on RNG, which can go either way.

You can increase your gear score by running dungeons and expeditions, completing corrupted breaches, playing outpost rush, killing level 60+ elite mobs, looting elite supply chests, and crafting high-level gear.

Hope this helps and see you in Aeternum. :wolf: