Getting Refining Reagents

I must say, getting a sudden crafting skill to 200 to be able to craft that specific weapon or armor you’d like has become way harder now.

It’s so hard to get ‘a lot’ flux for example. In 1 chest, you’d be able to find 8-12, but there’s also a chance of finding another refining reagent.

Now I calculated and found out you’re gonna need about 100k flux. besides that you’re also gonna need a ton of iron, starmetal and orichalcum ore, but you’d never have enough storage in your shed.

Instead of making the game harder and harder, i’d say first fix crucial bugs within the game, instead of making updates of making sudden skills harder which isn’t really fair as some people did get 200 armoring or weapon smithing before the update, and after some crucial bug fixes i’d say add new content.

Thats what I use my faction tokens for… I buy like 300 material converters and then buy cheapest reagents usually tanin or weak solvent and make it into what I need…

Yup this is what I do too. The mass of mats needed to level something to 200 is quite OP. Im still not sure why they didnt limit the number of professions you could learn. It wouldnt feel so bad then.

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