Getting repeatedly kicked out of que after hours and hours

i got kicked out the 4th time today after 5 hours w8ing to get on my server.
the situation was not happening yesterday.
now im back at 3654… was under 1k :frowning:
i would w8t 12 hours to get a guaranteed in, but this is frustrating
i know you working on it so pls fix this mess happening since the downtime this morning

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You are not alone. Same thing happened yesterday. 501st in queue and then I looked and I had been dropped. Now I was over 1k in the same queue.

I do appreciate that it’s a new launch but the Devs must have known from the Beta game that this game would be huge and should have pulled out all stops to ensure a massive influx of new players could be accomodated.

In other games a queue can be a few minutes and the gamers get upset at that length of time. I understand therefore the frustration that this game is causing. 24hrs to successfully download and 24 hours later I still cannot play.

Consideration must be given to asking for a refund for services not provided.

I can personally confirm i have waited in my last 2400 queue, i have been kicked.
I got the login failed error with to many requests.

If you click OK on this message…do NOT, i repeat, do NOT click Play to queue again. It will put you back on top of the queue.
If you do not click play again and wait, you will automatically be put back into the queue AND on the same position.
I have just tested this out, i clicked OK and i waited, clicked nothing else, after a few minutes i was put back in my queue on the same position. this is a copy pasta from a nother thread i will try it next error so should you mate

Make it like this! Works!!

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