Getting to tempest

is 10000% GARBAGE!!!

what idiot in the dev team thought it would be a good idea to put THREE elite camps in a maze configuration between a player and the dungeon entrance to gain access to group finder features!?!

If you want to add raids, ADD RAIDS, don’t do this crappy map design nonsense!!!

Anyone trying to get to tempest on their first run through after hitting 60 isn’t going to go 'oh yay, i have to try to run through 300 enemies, 5 of which can 1-shot-kill-me, just to get access to another dungeon!

Lets face it, its not like we’re likely to find a group of folks willing to run through the area with you, not with the playerbase as it is. So seriously, I want to know what sadistic jerk was in charge of this bonehead idea… cause they should be fired.


Best thing ever
If you to bad to even reach Tempest you are to weak/bad
Bad thing is. What i not understand. You can just to a Myrk run and then Split up and go Tempest. But if you dont even Realised there are such Runs youre to weak anyways.


Are you serious, or do you just ignore Global and Recruitment when World Tours are announced with Myrk in the route? Thousands of other players have sorted this out and a simple “Hi, new to the game and just hit 60 - how do I get up to Tempest the first time?” would more than likely have given you the answer.

It’s been this way since Tempest released; people join a world tour and when it hits Myrk and the zerg gets to the top of the map they split off, run up the 'there is no aggro on them at all" stairs, turn in the quest, and tie at the shrine.

EDIT - I see you’ve been on the forums since 2021…and you still don’t know this?


The OP is correct. New players don’t know what ECR are , nor what Myrk runs are, so the response he received from you dbags is the reason this game is failing. People don’t know that groups get together to run on those areas and don’t realize that for several days or weeks. In the meantime, quests are asking for the Tempest completion and players are confused attempting to run through Myrk to get to the portal on their own, or even small groups. As the OP commented, this is in fact bad game design, as MANY other issues with this game. New World Dev’s should’ve played Guild Wars 2 so that they could see what a GOOD MMORPG is, and should’ve used their good ideas. GW2 is from 2012, and still better than NW and most newer MMORPG’s.


Its actually not hard to solo run to tempest dungeon. Sounds like you just don’t know how to do it. So instead of complaining about the map find someone who knows the best route or keep trying a different route until you figure it out.

I don’t think its bad game design at all. If you can’t even solo run to tempest than how you are even going to beat tempest? It makes total sense actually.

The “bads” are the ones in the trains. Myrk can be solo’d if you have the time to slog through the over tuned hp values. The fact is when the quest line send you there you likely do not have the gear to do so, because the game is disjointed, like really badly disjointed.

Defending trains is some silly nonsense. They kill actual gameplay, just like the silly war design.

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You won’t have any problems if you just join a Myrk run. It happens many times a day on my server. But if you don’t know what it is because you’re just at level 60 and the game sends you there, it can be really hard and demotivating. A friend and I faced the same problem. We were at Myrk and we were going to the teleporter and then we saw the huge mob. It wasn’t until we randomly found dozens of people who were there “by accident” (at the time we didn’t know the Myrk were running and just thought WTF are they doing here) that we got to the teleporter.

Bro, you’re saying this like we weren’t in this situation at all. It’s something that everyone were through. I was also new player and had no problem to getting there when I was doing chest run. And most of the people here were like me. You cannot blame the game design for your incompetence lmao


OP has been here since 2021.

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Tempest has a community agreed requirement of 550GS


That’s just the harsh truth you casuals need to except and stop moaning about inclusivity as an issue you people are literally the reason challenging content gets nerfed into the ground which kills the player base at higher ends and all your left with is trash cans that can’t get the job done making even more people quit.

I don’t understand why anyone would argue with good suggestions to improve the game, other than trolls as you who just love to trash talk for no good reason. Do you want to play a game many people like, or few people like? Do you want to play a game with a big player base, or small player base? Why do you dbags just like to argue and bash those who make posts on game improvements?

I also doubt that many people can solo Tempest regardless of GS considered the several mobs who can 1-2 hit a player. Most likely those who soloed it happened to pass by soon after an ecr.

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The customer is not always right. Sometimes the customer is wrong and needs to be told so.

This is the case in this instance. Its not difficult to run through myrkguard to get to the tempest dungeon entrance.

This is not a design problem. Its a player lack of skill or lack of commitment problem. It only took me 3 attempts to run too tempest dungeon though myrkguard solo the first time I got tried to unlock the dungeon on the map.

If anyone is having this problem they need to keep trying different routes or ask for help on the route.

The run to Tempest is one of the only challenging experiences in this game, it reminds me of trying to get to Iron Forge in WOW at a low level without getting killed by alligators. It’s really not that hard.

I did, I took it as a fun challenge.

It’s not something to get bent out of shape about lol.

There are the daily Myrk ECRs that you can run behind to grab it. Bonus: you’ll get some elite chests along the way.

Even when an ECR isn’t happening there will often be others hanging out by the Western gate also wanting to make that run. Just wait for someone to go and grab the aggro and follow.

Or it can be done solo relatively easily if you time your dodges and/or climb on top of roofs and lie down there to get rid of an aggro train if you get in a bad spot.

I did it solo on a fresh 60 with light armor and I’m a clumsy 73 year old lol. If I can do it anyone can.

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Climbing on a nd laying down on roofs is how I helped someone run it recently… we had a lot of fun.

Well guess what, have fun on an empty game.

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Don’t be so melodramatic.

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i can run there, butt naked… lol wdym