Ghost Ship - First Light

I couldnt get an image of it.

But has anyone seen a Blueish Ghost Ship in First Light? It appeared and then vanished after 3 seconds.

Is it part of a future update maybe? or has it been there for ages and just never seen it lol

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Legend says if you swim to it in those few seconds you get a reward box with 3 legendary items in it . you should give it a try.

Legend says you drown a horrible death when you try…


i mean since you cant actually swim in the game , anyone who tries this , got what they deserved XD

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:smiley: Had to be done for science.

If anyone else wants to try and see it:

It’s by the Saircor Bridge. Just to the right of it. Happened just after it went Night in the Game.

Might be a clue to the next Update or NPC’s. Ghost Pirates. Similar to that scene in Lord of The Rings lol

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Yep I was lucky to get a screenshot of it in October last year. It’s the Flying Dutchman (allegedly)

And saw it again roughly less than a month later, as I was in the area again lol.

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you can keep the pirates i want the ship . i wanna sail back to old world get some horses and maybe an swimming instructor . oh and an architect to make me some unique cities .
they guy working for us right now tends to copy/paste a lot .


Horses sound cool. I want a dragon mount.

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