Give Avalon A Merge. It's Dying

Please merge us… My company is on the brink of death and there is no one new to recruit without trying to poach players from other active companies and I’m not going to do that. The economy is dead… OPR is dead… the only thing you can do is run mutations during peak hours.

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Three invasions at the same time on Avalon… rip. If they’re going to allow the servers to hit such low numbers then they could at least back the invasions off a bit to match a low pop server. Invasions seem like more of a chore than anything as it is.

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Its the weekend…

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon the Avalon merge ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Avalon is literally only playable from 6pm to 11pm. You cannot do anything except farm materials outside of those times. There are no arena queues. There is no OPR. There are no mutations. We have no game 75% of the day and we are locked here!

They need to unlock server transfers on FSS like they said they would before rollout. Also agree with a merge for Avalon.

When Frislandia was dying way back in early-mid 2022 we were talking about the same thing because the populations were so low. Unfortunately, because this only becomes a concern when the populations dip I think the devs haven’t given it attention. Kinda makes sense, but still invasions should have some sort of correlation to average population on a server.

I thought they never officially said that server transfers to/from FSS would be allowed or unlocked. Really curious, do you have where they stated it?

Well then yea they definitely should allow this hopefully soon! A later time could mean whenever though sadly :frowning: .

Thats been my struggle. I read the FAQ and assumed that meant after the initial hype from the Return to Aeternum event. I certainly understand wanting a stable server. It is 100% my fault for making any assumptions. But I just wish we could get SOME information about a timetable.

News on a new batch of world merges will be shared shortly. Keep tight!

Snowballing is definitively a thing with world populations. Some folks do or do not want something, and the slightest change becomes an unstoppable trend in a self-fulfilling prophecy. People keep shouting a particular world is dying and guess what happens? :slight_smile: Avalon didn’t get a merge previously because it was still relatively healthy (not booming, but still healthy) compared to other worlds per our KPI. But now it isn’t, so it get’s getting merged.


Merge Avalon into Seer pls <3

it wasn’t “healthy” compared with other fresh start servers it had like 100 players peak more than the other servers lol, like 1300 compared to 1200 at peak. shoulda just merged it at last merge time, it definitely “snowballs” but it was preventable, you guys just didnt prevent it :slight_smile:


Fresh starts were a bad idea anyway and a lot of the community was telling you guys but no one listened. The people that gave up on your game and quit once will never be happy and will just keep quitting no matter what you do. Stop trying to please the people that no longer play and appease those that do play.

An Amarah merge would be perfect for Avalon. At 7pm today this is what the server populations were. Furthermore the culture and company strength of Avalon would fit in nicely with the company strength of Avalon.

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I wouldn’t say Avalon was healthy before, people kept logging on because we knew there was a merge coming and our anticipation of that was what motivated us to keep playing on Avalon. When merges were announced and Avalon wasn’t on the list, we were very disappointed and some people almost instantly quit or quit soon after. And once a player quits new world it’s very hard to get them back on.

We started complaining the first day when there was no merge announced, but we didn’t kill the server by complaining… I wouldn’t call it a self fulfilling prophecy. Regardless of if we complained, the server had the same fate. We just knew what was going to happen because we interact with this community everyday, we know how people are feeling and when motivation is low.

I’d also like to mention that you merged probably one of the most if not the most sweaty server into a real fs server (Avalon). This means that most players on Avalon got shit on and just quit when they realized they had no chance. Then the sweaty players got bored because there was no competition, and they also slowly die off. Avalon was destined to die when the original merge happened. All this to say you should be more careful about the dynamics of servers when you merge them beyond “this map is yellow dominated” and “this map is purple dominated” because more often than not this doesn’t tell the full story. The idea of locking server transfers was an interesting idea because you could stop companies from flying in and ruining the not so sweaty servers, but you guys really butchered it with that merge… I’m sorry but it’s the truth.


We didn’t speak this into existence, this is your guys’ fault for not being quick enough with mergers.


I love how AGS takes their inability to foreshadow and act and blames the community for it. @Delakron here’s a good insight to where the NW population is heading and it’s not “healthy”

I think this is very true. I was on Myrridon initially and it was 100% a very sweaty server.