Give Companies ability to raise taxes more and make them able to take your house and lock your storage in said city

They earn it by doing pvp quests, pushing area to conflict and win the war, At the moment companies get only hundrend thousands of gold every week.
Companies need to really own the city, not just take taxes, let companies choose will live in their city,make it possible to be able to kick enemies from their houses and lock, empty their storage.
Companies are super underrated in this game, give us incentives for pvp.



U are 12? :rofl:

Dumbest idea ever
Congratulations! :partying_face:


the fact that you think that companies don’t already abuse taxes and rake in thousands of gold every week is literally ridiculous. In valhalla we have companies that rake in millions a week, only to troll the rest of the population.

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And the award for the best troll post of the week goes to…

One month ago voidbent was hell expensive and trade skills need loads of money to power level them, plus population drops now, how u think we gonna be able to craft hundrends of great axes to get the perfect perks?

Troll post is troll.

imagine companies empty your storage, lol.
do they discard items or just take all your stuff for… new members maybe. :joy:

Come on guys he is right … companies don’t have enough power.

Don’t forget that some of those central city company leaders had to quit gearing their whole clan and selling gold with RMT since the didn’t earn enough.

At least they need to:

-Take 20% of you saved up gold daily if you go into their territory.
-Take all the items in you WH if you fail to pay house taxes.
-Take your gear even if locked if one of their members has a lower gear.
-Make you unable to walk into their city by locking city gates
-Make the crafting spot free for their clan members while personally set flat crafting taxes for any other player
-Ask for the Green Pass if you wanna register to the inn

That’s the minimum

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I’m not sure if you set out to get the reward for the stupidest post on New World forum , but hell you got my vote l!


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