Give my azoth back

I want to craft, teleport and even drink it nonstop! Please fix this! #givetheazothback


wtb one release without a massive issue


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Same here, i can not travel because it says " i have not enough azoth" even though i have enough with me. WTF is going on in this game. srsly, every bugfix brings several new bugs with it. what can i do now ? how can i play the game without traveling ?



The reduction to 1k azoth was unneeded and frankly mind blowing. Not to mention they broke a ton of stuff… AGAIN. Every damn patch. Im just waiting for the accidental duping bug to appear this time around. Not to mention, not giving us everything promised in patch because of too much focus on D tier guitar hero. Great call there guys


yeah can you go ahead and flag this as a critical issue please nobody can open azoth vials, kinda important

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Its disabled by the devs because people where quck salvaging stacks of vials

Azoth vials should not be disables especially in this patch, there are too many actions require azoth now, all our gameplay experience were badly affected by this bug.

I log in, salvage an azoth bottle, if its not working i alt-F4. if i want to do the summer event then i want to see summer and happines not corruption portals and depression.

if i want to play the summr event i dont want to go to OPR.

now you say just run… and i would say, no. i want to do the event and enjoy where i am and where i want to be, i dont want to do supplemental activities in the game, this is not a doctors office and i dont need aa form to see the doctor, this is a game, i press Play and i will PLAY, not do workarounds for the game.

if vial os suspended azoth didnt exist or moving around in tamriel was too tideous, i would not play the game (many players early on left cuz they got tired of azoth anxiety)

this is a major fuck up, they took the azoth system (that they praiosed in the dev blog even tho its the simplest ever,. to prop it up and give whomever was hired to make something with it purpose cuz they probably failed at all progressivly easier tasks). this is soooo unacceptabble, there is no excuse in the entire world to let these things go through.

more over, they took doewn the servers 3 times since the patch, some 1st year CS student can figure out a rollback to azoth bottlers from 3 months ago which worked fine, i am ok clicking 20 times to oepn 20 azoth bottle.

no one will ever read theis, they dont care and never will. the game doest make money so they dont spend money on it. its been a disaster EVERY SINGLE PATCH …

look at the PTR bug list, they DONT READT IT!!!

all these people are WFH and cutting their toenails and eating cake, no one is putting 9 hrs a day and they all getting paid aand bonuises and christmas package and vacations. its disgusting.

how i know? i know.

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I have this problem too. I found out that if you have an azoth attuned tool such as a logging axe or a skinning knife the newly acquired azoth can be used to travel. It is not an excellent fix but it helped me return home (I had to reset timer to get home)

there hasn’t been any smooth releases from any mmo. if you name a Asian mmo, they had been released years before released in the western world. that doesn’t count.

people complaining azoth? there is nothing wrong with the azoth. there is multiple sources to get azoth.

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Yeah, almost no MMO has a smooth release. But its nearing its 1yr anniversary and they still break everything every patch. This is a far cry from “not a smooth release” at this point. Most MMO’s have their s**t figured out within the first 6 months, if not sooner.


People still defend their operate but they must rework from the ground the engine, is frustating for the developers and for the client… who is in charge for decisions should be fired