Give players abilities to fight back against bots! Some ideas!

I have an idea to help against bots.

Why not give players the ability to trap bots…the way it works is like a camp…and players can place it down in the predetermined path of the bots. Its like a cage with 3 walls, the only way out is to turn around and go back out of it, so any real player wouldnt be stuck but a bot would be stuck because all they know is to go forward. Then you can set it on a timer that it can only be used once every 10 minutes or something so that it isnt abused, and if a cage determined that there is a player in the cage for more than 5 minutes GMs, devs, or whatever can see that review and make a ban all while the bot is trapped and stopped from farming. Doing this kind of thing gives players a way to battle back against bots. Anyone involved in a dual or has been attacked in the last 2 minutes can’t place a trap so it can’t be abused in PVP, etc.

There can be different shaped cages randomly generated, so that programmers can’t just program the bot to run back if its stuck, or maybe there is a button that needs to be pressed randomly placed on the cage wall, but enough different cages that it would take the bot an immense amount of time to run through all of the scenarios to escape one of the random cages…i dunno its just an idea.

Just give us players who are trying to play properly a way to tie up, slow down, or cage up bots until they can be reviewed and banned by you all. The cage thing was just an idea but there could be many options that wouldnt trap a real player, but a bot wouldn’t know how to escape it.

It will take 5 minutes to code a work around.

The bots are fairly basic, I believe they use coordinates, colors. The work around would take more than 5 minutes if the trap is only easy for a real person to accomplish, like a random easy puzzle for humans but difficult for a bot that doesn’t have intelligence. Can a bot solve a random easy math problem within a reasonable time? Or can a bot talk to a npc and pick the obvious random answers to a human but a bot wouldn’t know. Can a bot listen to a question in a voice actors words and and answer correctly? There are lots of ways to keep bots on their toes, but the devs just don’t want to put any time at all into it. Instead the players who are playing properly find everything harvested non stop in some servers. If a bot can easily be programmed, the bot can easily be broken by the devs with a little thought and enginuity.

A puzzle would work, math wouldn’t though as every OOP language has math built into the API.

You would have to continuously update it though, because if I were developing a bot I would answer the puzzles and code it to capture a screen, process the info and answer it accordingly.

This shouldn’t take up too much resources, but I doubt they would do this. It’s probably more cost effective to hire a gm to respond to all of the bot reports and ban people that way.

The solution I believe would be to hire game masters to patrol the servers. Once identified a bot could be either banned or permaflagged and killable by unflagged players. The cherry on top would be if the bot dropped all their loot, including gold.


You guys sure are dreamers.

Just let everyone solve a captcha on every node… EZ

More garbage ideas.
Players can use these things to grief real players. Just like people planting camps on nodes to block everyone from harvesting them.

The real way to combat bots is to remove the market – go after players who buy RMT. If there’s no demand, supply is pointless.

It’s called brainstorming. Instead of whining some people like thinking of solutions and ideas that may work. I should have expected pointless replies though, the game is filled with children like you.

I’d just pick a few players per server and deputize them.

They’d have the power to hand out 1hr game bans.

If they abuse the power. Immediate perma-ban with an IP, Name, Address, CC block. You want to come back? Better have a new identity or someone else buy the game for you. And make sure you run a permanent VPN.

…and not just for NW, but for all games published by AGS. Meaning you fuck up in NW, you won’t be playing Lost Ark.

Or, at the very least, these ‘deputies’, when they report a bot. The offending account is flagged as a ‘high priority’ to be investigated.

Like…maybe it takes 20 reports of the same player before it gets ‘flagged’ for a GM to look into. But only one Deputy needs to report to get the player ‘flagged’ for a GM response.

I’d still keep the above penalty if the Deputy abused their privilege.