Give PVP XP when you lose OPR

Company’s will farm OPR for the 2000xp, making it impossible for anyone else but perhaps another organised company to stand a chance of wining the session.

Stop expecting players to “do the right thing” They will NOT.

OPR is now depreciated. boost loosing XP from to 1000 (its 1 point at the mo, were you trolling people?). maybe even 1500.


OPR been farmed all day 28/05. Well done AGS.

Losing isn’t giving me even the 1 and 1.

No. Get good.

Hey there! This is a very hot topic and I understand where a lot of players are coming from in regards to the current state of OPR.

I will go ahead and push this over to our team for review.


Get good lol opr is just a luck gamemode where if you get a bad team you lose no material how good you are, if you get into a organized time then you win and the chances you get are low since a lot of people get in with groups, people should actually get rewards for losing like it used to be, making it this way just kill casual players on playing some opr because you also have to be lucky to get rewards

“Get good” That’s just a dumb response, did you read the post even? you do anything other than play games by the way?

Its about organised farming of an event which completely voids its intent. Player behaviour is distorting OPR outcomes which I doubt they intended.

Very rarely will both side be organised and on comms. in fact never seen it, some of those that dont get on the company side even bail out to ensure the bias further, take the 1 hour hit.

Not much they can do about having one side of more organised than another, but offset the bias fairly.

Maybe you are on a company that’s sits in OPR farming who knows.

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committing 35 mins in a pvp mode and u get no pvp xp or salt because u lost 1000-970 is a slap in the face to the player.


Opr needs to give a minimum of 6k pvp exp (lose 4k exp)
Arena needs to give a minimum of 2.5k pvp exp (lose 1.5k exp) Arena takes an average of 8+ minutes

because people gain a minimum of 10k exp in 50 minutes in the Great Clave (just 2 quest each run 5min)

OPR takes an average of 20+ minutes if you lose you gain 4k exp so Equal to 4 faction runs (20min)

That’s how point systems are supposed to be otherwise there will be little interest in the OPR or Arena


Good points.

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Although I dont think they expected people to start mega grinding the track, they should have but I dont think they did. :slight_smile:

Totally agree with you @Valeeraa

Participating in actual PVP activities where you can’t avoid PVP interactions should be the best way to level up and gain salt.

Also not having any rewards for losing is a huge L.
Solo players will get destroyed in arenas, don’t get anything, feel like they wasting their time and never queue arenas ever again.

Meanwhile bill, billy and bobby farm arenas for a week win 99% and discourage everyone even attempting arenas, then 1 week later complain about it on the forums that no one is playing arenas.


There are organised groups in opr ensuring a win…
I would say simply give XP and salt based on your contribution. Not win or lose, an equatable amount to your damage/healing/point capture. Playing a 30-40 minute game to receive nothing in terms of PvP progression does suck tbh.
I finished top 10 in every game I did yesterday but only won 2 out of 10. It isn’t a question of “git gud” or my contribution as an individual. I played well, but my team didn’t win most the time despite arriving close.

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Company even trying to hide the fact they farming, just had a session where it was 6xx 2xx, then all of a sudden the opposing side turns up, hold all three points from then on.

Even had people disappear from our side all of a sudden lol.

Players will kill the game in the long run not AGS.

Protect your content from Toxic players AGS. Better for you, better for the game.

This is an issue too. If it isn’t going favourably loads of your team just quit making it even more pointless.

You can’t farm it when multiple groups are as likely to be on opposing teams as the same side.

Been in loads of games we were losing and adding slight direction in chat got it turned around. Try it sometime. Get good.

Dont compare to greater cleave pvp exp. The quests are stupid and should have been changed million years ago. I dont understand why cant they just add random poi mob kill quests. Will solve all the problems. Greater cleave cant be pushed, remove it or change it

You keep saying “Get good” it makes no sense in this context. You could be the best player ever, and have no effect on OPR at all.

If your on coms and organised it makes a massive difference period (its why coms etc are used in war are they not lol). If you observe patterns of play you can see when things are organised and when things are random or at most based upon chat. You can then tell when things dont add up.

Yes things can flip, but to have overwhelming defeats and Wins all day, something isn’t right. Fact last time I played there was a delayed combat response, night and day playstyles. Let them do it, but make the XP reward difference trivial (if that means reducing amount for win so be it). They had to do it for general rewards to get people to play OPR again after nerfing it last time. How quickly people forget.

Obviously you just griefing the post for the kicks and If that’s your thing… well ok.

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Let me dumb it down for you. You cannot guarantee multiple fellowships will be on the same side. This idea OPR is rigged is BS. It’s obviously because someone is a crappy player and coming up with excuses.

Hilarious you think 1 great player has no impact on a 20vs20 game.