Give stat's additional effects

Putting points into things while leveling is a no brainer because you’re just putting points into the stat that increases weapon damage, or into con if you’re desperately needing health.

Exmaples of what each could do:
Strength - increases weight that can be carried
Dexterity - increases roll distance and sprint speed (if we ever get a sprint ability)
Intelligence - decreases cast times of spells
Focus - Increases mana regen or max mana
Constitution - Increases health and gives slight health recovery out of combat

Just a shower thought I had to make leveling a bit more itnerestingt hn just dumping points into one stat. I’d love to be able to get a speed bonus for example.

Unless I’m severely misunderstanding your post - This already exists.

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Yes you’re right I just looked it up, apparently there are bonuses for each 50 points in a category which I didn’t realize.

This should probably be communicated in the “?” for each attribute because in game it seems like they only increase damage.

Mouseover the little dots in every attribute bar.

Ahhhh ok thank you, helps a lot. Now I know this I actually might just dump everything into intelligence to get better harvesting (and the spell damage helps with open world stuff).

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